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Which Program Will Win More Games In 2013? And The Big Finish

The question is which program -- Boston College men's basketball or football -- will win more games in 2013?

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Brian: The Eagles hoops team is back over .500 with their best effort of the season -- a 71-68 victory over Providence. Hopefully Donahue and the team can ride the momentum of a three game winning streak into games with Holy Cross and Dartmouth before ringing in the new year with ACC play starting on January 5 vs. N.C. State.

Speaking of the new year, Boston College will play all 18 conference games in 2013, plus they are assured at least one game in the ACC Tournament for a total of 19.

The football team gets a minimum of 12 games in 2013, including a non-conference slate of games against Army, New Mexico State and Stony Brook that isn't exactly heavy lifting. Throw in winnable games against Syracuse, Maryland, N.C. State and Wake Forest and the opportunity is there to get back to 6-6 / 7-5 and bowling for the first time since 2010.

The question is which program -- men's basketball or football -- will win more games in 2013?

Jeff: This is a tough question. If the Eagles were still playing 16 conference basketball games I would say the football program since more than six wins for the basketball team would be very unlikely. But, as you pointed out, the Eagles will get a minimum of 19 ACC games. And the way things look right now in the ACC, you cannot rule out the possibility of 20 ACC games since the first round ACC tournament game will at least be winnable.

I think the football team's season is much easier to predict. They are not going to win only two games again next season. They also are not going to go 8-4 or better. With three very winnable non-conference home games, five wins is almost a lock with a senior quarterback. Six wins for the football team is very likely.

Will the basketball team go 6-13 or better? A record of 6-13 is not a good one by any means and BC could even achieve the six wins by going 6-14. I think this team will win at least two ACC games that they really have no business winning so that means getting four wins against Wake Forest, Florida State, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Clemson and Miami. BC plays nine games against these six programs so I do think they can go 4-5 in those nine games.

Ultimately I think the basketball team will win as many, if not more, games in the ACC in 2013 than the football team will win in their 12 game season.

Big Finish

Brian: The ACC and Big East split the first two bowl games of the 2012-13 season. With four to play, what will be the ACC's overall bowl record this season?

Jeff: 2-4.

Jeff: What are the chanes the ACC hits a new low and goes 1-for in bowl games?

Brian: It's not looking all that good, but I think Florida State wins the one that supposedly counts over NIU.

Brian: Two more hoops games before the year is out. Do the Eagles make it five straight heading into conference play?

Jeff: The team should be able to win these next two this afternoon and Monday.

Jeff: New OC Ryan Day recognizes that the offense has been through a revolving door of coordinators and assistants but feels that his relationships with the players will be a benefit to the Eagles O. Your thoughts.

Brian: Certainly will help. The key will be in how Addazio and Day schemes for the personnel on the current roster (and not the other way around).

Brian: York goes for win #925 this afternoon against UAH. What's the final score?

Jeff: It shouldn't be close, 7-1.

Jeff: Regardless of what you think of the hire, it's nice for a player to be choosing between Ohio State and Boston College, right?

Brian: I like that BC is seen as an attractive destination given Patchan's ties to Addazio. I'm not sure using one of the few scholarships remaining on an OT is the best idea.

Brian: Last one. Chase Rettig -- does he stay or go?

Jeff: Stays.