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Boston College Football Justin Frye, Bill McGovern Named Assistant Coaches

Frye will be replacing Jim Bollman as offensive line coach, and Bill McGovern will return to his role as linebacker coach


Steve Addazio's coaching staff continues to take shape as two more assistants were named today. Per the release, Justin Frye was named as offensive line coach while Bill McGovern will be the linebacker coach.

Frye has been connected to Addazio his entire coaching career. He started as a graduate assistant at Florida then following him to Temple to become his offensive line coach. At Temple, the Owls led the Big East in rushing yards last year. Frye will be replacing Jim Bollman who left the BC offensive line in complete disarray, allowing 34 sacks in 2012 good for 106th in the country.

"Justin Frye has played for me, been a graduate assistant for me and has coached the offensive line with me," Addazio said. "He is a great young coach who has had a knack at forming great relationships with his players while developing outstanding offensive linemen. He's coached some of the finest offensive linemen in the country that are currently great successes in the NFL and will continue the great tradition of offensive linemen at Boston College."

Bill McGovern, who was earlier stripped of his role as defensive coordinator which he held the past four years, will conitnue to coach the linebackers. McGovern oversaw last year's atrocious defense but will be allowed to take a step and do the work that he has been very successful at -- breeding NFL ready linebackers. Through his tutelage he has either coached or recruited Frank Chamberlin, Scott Bradley, Vinny Ciurciu, Josh Ott, Ricky Brown, Ray Henderson, Brian Toal, Jo-Lonn Dunbar, Mark Herzlich and Luke Kuechly.

Personally, I have no problem with McGovern staying on as a position coach. He is a solid recruiter, and given the right scheme from Don Brown, he will be as successful with the linebackers as he has in the past.

Two coaches down, five more to go.