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Boston College Football: One Of The Worst College Football Teams For The Money

Hopefully this is Boston College football hitting bottom.

Jared Wickerham

Forbes recently took a stab at determining the worst college football teams for the money. In order to figure this out, they looked at a three-year average of spending per win, using the most recent financial data from the Department of Education's Equity in Athletics data set.

The hypothesis is that much of one year's spending contributes to the following year's on-field performance. Or lack thereof. The study was limited to BCS AQs over the last three seasons. You can kind of guess where this is going ...

At $4,292,148 cost per win over the last three seasons, Boston College was the fifth worst AQ college football team for the money. That dollar figure was only better than Kansas, Indiana, Colorado and Washington State.

"It was no surprise when head coach Frank Spaziani lost his job this season. The Eagles have played consistently worse since he took over in 2009, and their 2-10 campaign this season was the first time Boston College lost nine games in a season since 1980."

The top 10:

10. Auburn Tigers (SEC) -- $3,433,053 cost per win
9. Purdue Boilermakers (Big Ten) -- $3,462,964
8. California Golden Bears (PAC-12) -- $3,632,390
7. Minnesota Golden Gophers (Big Ten) -- $3,794,297
6. Duke Blue Devils (ACC) -- $4,131,775
5. Boston College Eagles (ACC) -- $4,292,148
4. Washington St. Cougars (PAC-12) -- $4,567,675
3. Colorado Buffaloes (PAC-12) -- $4,703,188
2. Indiana Hoosiers (Big Ten) -- $5,830,877
1. Kansas Jayhawks (Big 12) -- $8,008,880

Some thoughts:

-- LOL @ Charlie Weis

-- Only Alabama and Ohio State have spent more on football over the last three seasons than the Auburn Tigers. But the Tide and the Buckeyes combined for a 23-1 record in 2012 while Auburn limped to a 3-9 finish this season.

-- Honestly I'm surprised that Mike Krzyzewski lets Duke spent that much money on football.

-- Hopefully this is Boston College football hitting bottom. I don't enjoy my alma mater's football program hobnobbing with anyone else on this list except for Auburn. Though I'd imagine if the study was extended to include programs that will join a BCS AQ next year (for only a year), BC might get bumped from this list. Looking at you, Memphis.