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Gopher All-Access to Stream BC vs. Alabama-Huntsville

Jerry York's next attempt at the all-time win record will air live on Minnesota's website.


Good news, BC fans: the revolution will not be televised, but it will at least be streamed.

On December 29 & 30, Boston College, Alabama-Huntsville, Air Force, and Minnesota will compete in the Mariucci Classic in Minneapolis. While both of Minnesota's games are scheduled to air on FSN North - meaning they're accessible to Comcast and DirecTV subscribers back east who have the sports package - BC vs. Alabama-Huntsville and Jerry York's next attempt at #York925 will not be on TV

After a couple of weeks of Grant and I panicking on Twitter about the game not being scheduled to air on TV or on a web stream, relief came today in the form of a tweet from a Minnesota hockey blogger:

MN State Of Hockey ‏@MNState0fHockey Looks like Gopher All-Access will have the BC vs UAH game. … $9.95 - Just make sure you cancel after the game. @joegrav

While the $9.95 monthly fee is a little steep to pay to watch just one game and then unsubscribe, it seems like a reasonable price to be able to witness #York925 without having to book a flight to Minneapolis.

Thanks, Gopher friends!

Faceoff is scheduled for Saturday, December 29 at 5 PM. The titanic clash between BC and Minnesota will take place on Sunday, December 30 at 8 PM.