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Boston College Football Should Rock The Washington Redskins Faux Leather Helmet Look

I've seen the future. These are Boston College football's future lids.


On Sunday, the Washington Redskins broke out throwback uniforms commemorating the franchise's 80th anniversary. The uniforms weren't exact replicas as the ones worn in 1937 as Nike went with a darker color palette, updated numbers and leather helmets. No, not actual leather helmets, but real helmets made to look like leather.

Check these out.

via Geoff Burke, US PRESSWIRE

I've seen the future. These are Boston College football's future lids.

With plenty of college football programs rocking near indistinguishable gold lids and Notre Dame fans always boasting about their team wearing actual leather helmets, why shouldn't Boston College football adopt the faux leather helmet as its primary look?

The Redskins throwbacks looked simple and sharp and the updated color palette fits well with the school's colors. In an era of college football where Skynet sends the Oregon Ducks back in time to kill John Connor, Boston College football should go in the opposite direction. Besides, BC could afford to lose a few stripes on the football lids as the program fell to 2-10 wearing the triple-striped, stained glass helmets on Saturday. Less is more.

If the Michigan Wolverines could popularize the winged football helmet, why can't Boston College take up the faux leather helmet?