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Wake Forest 28, Boston College 14: Eagles Clinch Second Straight Losing Season

Lost opportunities, turnovers and questionable coaching strategy again doom Boston College football in Winston-Salem.

Via @Bradling1215

Another game, another disappointing loss for the Boston College football program as the Eagles dropped a winnable game against Wake Forest 28-14. In a game marred by turnovers, poor coaching decisions and missed opportunities, the Eagles played one of their most frustrating games of the season.

BC fell behind in the first quarter after Michael Campanaro caught two touchdown passes from Tanner Price. Campanaro seemed to do whatever he wanted to the Eagles, being left wide open, breaking tackles and ending the game with three touchdowns. He finished the game with 16 catches -- a Wake Forest record -- for 123 yards and three touchdowns. Not bad for a guy who was questionable to play with a broken hand.

The Eagles offense was erratic with the first drive ending with Chase Rettig throwing an interception to Kevin Johnson. Rettig looked rattled for most of the first half, forcing throws and letting go passes before he needed to. Have to imagine some of this had to do with the pressure that was getting to him on other plays, much of it brought by defensive tackle Nikita Whitlock. Rettig had two balls swatted out of his hands, and three interceptions. Definitely not one of his strongest games.

The BC running game was awful. Much of that had to do with an injury to Andre Williams in the first quarter. David Dudeck, who has no business being an every down back, did well, but without Rolandan Finch the running game was mostly dead before it started. After the game, Spaziani said that the running game or lack there of wasn't all Dudeck's fault

"[David] Dudek made some good cuts ... we're not running the ball well. It's not totally the running back."

Alex Amidon had a nice game, though he probably should have caught that bomb that Rettig threw him late in the fourth quarter. Bobby Swigert played a good game, and the trickeration pass he completed to Pantale was a great play call by Doug Martin.

But that's where the compliments end. The entire coaching staff has to take the loss for this one. Spaziani again played not to lose and when things didn't go his way he looked completely defeated on the sideline. There were at least four instances where I yelled at my television "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

1. Kicking a 46-yard field goal down 14 points
2. The fourth down attempts -- all of them
3. Chase Rettig's option(?) to David Dudeck
4. The end of the first half kneel with three TOs left

Brian has said it many times, but I have to reiterate it again. Fire Spaziani right now. He did not have this team prepared at all. The Eagles failed to contain Wake Forest's only offensive weapon (Michael Campanaro) which led the Eagles to lose a game they could have easily have won.

Next weekend is Boston College's game with an undefeated and nationally ranked Notre Dame team -- a game BC fans always get up for. However, right now fans are giving away tickets because they are disgusted. New Athletic Director Brad Bates needs to do the right thing and instill some excitement back in this fan base. Have someone other than Frank Spaziani leading this team next weekend. Please.

I am completely deflated. Leave your thoughts in the comments.