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Georgia Tech Receives Bowl Waiver To Play In Postseason At 6-7 #goacc


The ACC's Coastal Division champion* Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets finished the regular season with a 6-6 (4-4 ACC) record. Should the Jackets fall this weekend to Florida State in the ACC Championship Game, Georgia Tech would finish with a losing record. Under normal circumstances, a program finishing below .500 usually prohibits the team from playing in college football's bloated postseason. Not so for Georgia Tech this season after the NCAA approved Georgia Tech's bowl waiver, allowing the Jackets to go bowling if they lose the ACC title game and finish 6-7.

The NCAA approved Georgia Tech's bowl waiver, allowing the Yellow Jackets to play in a bowl game even if they loses to FSU and finishes 6-7.

Georgia Tech had filed a waiver after the NCAA board of directors passed a rule last summer, prohibiting bowls from picking a 6-7 team over an eligible 6-6 team.

The NCAA's decision to allow a team with a losing record in a bowl means a non-AQ team with a .500 record or better will not get a bowl bid.

With Georgia Tech guaranteed a bowl spot, the ACC has just six bowl eligible programs this season -- Florida State (10-2), Clemson (10-2), N.C. State (7-5), Georgia Tech (6-6), Virginia Tech (6-6) and Duke (6-6). Two others -- North Carolina (8-4) and Miami (7-5) -- became bowl eligible but are banned from postseason play. North Carolina's postseason bowl ban was handed down by the NCAA while Miami's was self-imposed.

The good news for Boston College? Each ACC program figures to earn an additional $63K in bowl payouts now that Georgia Tech is guaranteed to make a bowl game. Let's just put that extra $$$ towards the new coach's contract, OK Dr. Bates? So ... $2,063,541.67 max salary?