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Boston College Daily Links: Auburn Win Leftovers

Thoughts and quotes from Boston College basketball's 50-49 victory over Auburn on Wednesday.


BC Squeaks By Auburn (Heights Sports Blog)
"At the team meeting yesterday, we talked the things that winning teams do," Rahon said. "We talked about making tough plays, and giving it for all 40 minutes. Then we all went home last night and watched Butler give it to North Carolina. They played hard. They did all the little things. They battled on the boards. They were able to beat a team that’s more talented than they are. We started texting each other, texting around, saying, ‘That’s how we have to play.’ So we came out here with a bulldog mentality, and hopefully we’re going to keep that for the rest of the year."

Hanlan lifts BC over Auburn (
"I knew they were going to go to him, they would go to [Sullivan] on the last play," Rahon said. "He was my man and I just knew I had to get a stop to make up for that boneheaded play I made. [Hanlan] came in, had a great help. We jarred the ball loose and we were able to get a stop when we needed."

‘Eaglets’ take flight in win (
"I thought it was a physical game, and I thought we played hard and did the little things that are important," Donahue said. "To outrebound a team like that in what was a kind of typical physical ACC game."

Boston College defense the star in basketball win over Auburn (
"I thought we allowed too many catches in the lane," Donahue said. "We were being more aggressive, because we were so passive the first few games. But we’re still not there yet."

Boston College fetes Dick Kelley’s service (
"Dick takes a genuine interest in all of the kids. It could be a tennis player, a golfer, or someone on one of the Olympic sports as well as the first string basketball or football players. He’d get them talking about their academics, what they’re studying in school, and what they’re planning to do down the line."

Boston College football hurt by defections (
"It’s hard to win when you don’t have experienced players and experienced depth," Cleary said. "We’ve got a lot of young players playing and they’ve really played their [butts] off these last couple years, but I think you’d prefer to have those guys redshirt and have experienced backups when injuries and losses happen."

Chase plan lacks coordination (
"We’ve done a lot, me personally and a lot of the other guys on the team. It would be nice to see what we could do with it for (with the same program) through another offseason in the spring and a summer camp into the season."

BC receiver Johnathan Coleman learns lesson of trust (
"But with what happened with Johnathan, nothing ever happened to him again in school. It didn’t make him a bully, it didn’t make him take advantage of people. What it did was teach one bully that you can’t bully people, and it taught Johnathan, you nip it in the bud — especially with these guys in the street."