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Happy Thanksgiving, Boston College

A Special Holiday wish from the writers of BC Interruption

Today is Thanksgiving, a day to reflect and be thankful for all the wonderful things that have happened not only in the past year but in our lives. As we sit down and gorge on turkey, mashed potatoes, apple pie and stuffing, let's not forget everything that has made our lives special.

Some of the writers wanted to let you know why they are thankful!

A.J Black: Of course I am thankful for my family, friends, my Georgia bulldog Harper (who is two games away from a national championship!). A special shout out to my wife who allows me to use so much of my free time writing here, and helps cheer me up when BC loses and I turn into a major grump. I am thankful that I graduated from Boston College, and will never forget the experiences I had during my time at the Heights.

Today, I really want to be thankful that Chase Rettig survived this entire season of hits, sacks and wallops without a major injury. It truly is a miracle. Reflecting on my spiritual side, it makes me beyond happy to hear when Mark Herzlich not only starts in the NFL, but he routinely gets a clean bill of health #beatcancer. I loved his play, so I have to say that I am very thankful that Montel Harris's injury did not ruin his career, and that his best days are not behind him.

Like most of you I bet, I am thankful that we only have 48 more minutes of Frank Spaziani football that we will have to suffer through in our life. It's probably not kosher, but I am thankful that Brad Bates knows what to do, and will send off Spaz with a golden parachute, far far away from Alumni Stadium. I also want to be thankful to our new football coach, whomever you are.

Finally, I am so very thankful to you, the readers. You have made my silly little diversion so much fun. Fuki, 74, Eaglesabovetherim, DCash, Tmcgoldrick, claver, I wish I could name you all. Even with a terrible football team, and two straight losing seasons, it feels just a little better knowing that we have this community to keep each other strong. Thank you for helping me through this.

JoeGrav:The obvious answer from a BC sports/BCI perspective is that I'm thankful for the hockey team's success. But I'm going to crank up the sap level a little bit.

I'm extremely thankful for the relationships and bonds I've made from attending BC, and thankful that so many of my friends are still around in the Boston area. The one thing above all that makes me glad I went to BC is the people I've met. To have the opportunity to keep in touch with such fantastic friends every weekend at hockey games is a wonderful thing.

I know most of the people I go to games with are devoted BCI readers, so to you I say: Thank you for your friendship, have a great Thanksgiving, and Go Eagles!

Brian Favat: I'd echo what Joe said, minus the whole living in Boston thing and being able to attend many Boston College hockey games and bask in the greatness and warm glow of Sir Jerry York.

I'm thankful for BC Interruption, all your guys contributions to the site and our readers and community members. What is rewarding about writing for this blog is the interactions and connections you make with the Boston College community; many times people who you would have otherwise not gotten the opportunity to meet (like that crazy old bastid 74).

I'm thankful for Boston College hockey for living up to the school's motto and making us beam with pride for old alma mater on a daily basis. And for Jerry York, soon-to-be the NCAA's all-time winningest hockey coach, who represents the school with class, dignity and humility.

Thankful that the end of the Spaz era of Boston College football is upon us and we can begin the process or restoring Boston College football to respectability. I'm also thankful for all the football players contributions, especially the seniors, for going out and competing for our alma mater every Saturday. That goes not only for our football program, but all student-athletes who rep the school wearing the maroon and gold.

Grant Salzano: I'm thankful for the opportunities given to me by Boston College and hope to someday pass it on to allow BC to give more future students the same opportunity.

I'm thankful for the friendships I've made through the years, most notably through following BC hockey, but also through the general BC community as well.

I'm thankful for Jerry York, for more than just his successes on the ice and his hardware store on the eastern end of Kelley Rink. For his leadership and his qualities as possibly the greatest role model many of us will ever encounter, as a living and breathing example of class, respect, excellence, and the true meaning of greatness.

And more than anything else, I'm thankful for my wife who tolerates my obsession with everything BC, and even joins in a bit on occasion.

From Conrad, Jeff and all of us at BC Interruption, a best wishes to you and your family on Thanksgiving. Be sure to not take a knee before the pumpkin pie! Go Eagles!