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Hyundai Fanthropology: Boston College Alum And Superfan BCMike22

BCMike22 is the winner of the contest, now he is moving on to kick some more butt.

When Hyundai sponsored this post and asked us to look for the ultimate loyal Boston College fan, the first person I thought of was BCMike22. He is an avid writer, twitterer, and diehard BC fan, who has an opinion on literally everything related to the Eagles. I was ecstatic that he entered the contest, and his entry was legendary. In order to help him win this thing, I sat down and talked with him about his fandom. He even responded in maroon and gold to make his points. Enjoy!

BC Interruption: Congratulations Mike! You are the site winner of the Hyundai Fanthropology contest. Tell us a little about yourself and what makes you such a great fan of Boston College athletics.

BCMike: Awesome! I'm stoked that I won. I'd say that the basics about me are aptly on my twitter profile (@BCMike22), I'm a marketing geek, homebrewer, and BC sports nut.

The great thing about college sports is that unlike professional teams, you're always rooting for one school-your alma mater. The seasons change, and I'm still rooting for BC. Fall? BC Football. Winter? BC hoops. Spring? BC Hockey (that could have been winter, but since Jerry York plays so often in April, I thought I'd skew it towards the latter season).

I guess for me it's not about why I'm such a great fan of BC sports as much as it is how easy it is for me to follow and love the teams I root for at BC. The school, it's students, alums, and everyone affiliated with the school provides an instant, loyal bond that has me cheering for these guys from the days they're a true freshman to the day I get a little misty when a 5th year senior comes off the field after his last home game.

BCI: What about your favorite BC moment that you saw live?

BCMike22: Wow, there are so many. Are we talking TV live or in-person live?

TV live I have to say Matty Ice's comeback at Virginia Tech. My wife is a Hokie so there is a good bit of back and forth chiding that goes with that game. I remember cheering and literally throwing some of my buddies (guys and gals) into the air celebrating at a BC gamewatch.

In person, I have a tie. First, I'll go with the Boston College 2010 National Title team facing Wisconsin in Detroit. They converted Ford Field into a hockey rink and BC was an underdog vs. a quality Badger team. BC just whooped ‘em. First period was close but then the onslaught came. It was just a terrific feeling watching them dominate and knowing without a doubt everyone knew BC was the best team in college hockey.

Second would have to be Frozen Fenway (this was when we thought it was only going to be a one time ever affair). There's nothing like seeing snow fall at night with the lights of Fenway Park on as the flakes hit the ice. It was just awesome and I'll remember that game forever. In the pic my boy JC (converted BC fan) and my wife, the Hokie.

BCI: Great pic Mike! Now here is a tough one. BC football and basketball has been down of late, how do you keep your spirits up when your Eagles are struggling?

BCMike22: It's hockey season! Didn't you know we are the reigning NCAA National Champions?

To be honest, the mentality really doesn't change much. Part of being a BC fan is knowing most of the time, you're not really given your due respect when the teams really are good, and likely discounted more than they should be when they're not Top 25. Our first couple of years in the ACC we were picked to finish third and fourth by the media, respectively. What did we do? Won the division both years. It's easy for many to discount BC and think we won't do much-but I've been around long enough to know that we surprise people more often than not.

So, I wait for the football and basketball teams to surprise me again. The very best part of being a fan is investing when no one else is. Believing when no one else does. When the payoff comes (and it will), it's just that much sweeter because you were loyal to your team the whole time.

BCI: What team do you get amped up to see BC play the most? (break down by sport if you must)

BCMIke22: Sorry, I definitely have to break it down by sport here.

For football, it will always be Notre Dame. As a proud Irish guy I really enjoy this rivalry game and the battle for the Ireland trophy. We've given ND a couple games recently, but prior to their recent run we had won six of seven, I believe. It's great seeing a game in South Bend and Alumni Stadium is never more charged up as when the Domers come to town. It's electric.

For hoops, I have to say UConn. Even though the teams haven't played much recently, the regional rivalry between those two teams is palpable. UConn has undeniably had a better run but we still got up for those games and shocked the Huskies more than once.

Hockey, how can I say anything other than BU? I believe this to be the best rivalry in all of college hockey and unlike any other sport, we get treated to the Beanpot on an annual basis which more often than not, pairs BC vs. BU in the Garden for the Beanpot Finals. If you don't get amped up for that game, chances are you're six feet under and cold as ice.

BCI: Finally Mike, why do you think you deserve to win this competition?

BCMike22: The contest is about loyalty. The best, and most loyal fans. You remember the good and it powers you through when you're not hoisting national titles. It's easy, so easy to be a fan of a school that is a powerhouse in everything. A school that spends through the roof and recruits athletes-not student athletes.

I'm so proud of my fellow Eagles on and off the field and will support and cheer for my Maroon and Gold teams until I keel over. It doesn't matter what the records are, I'll talk myself into believing, then eventually knowing that the team will be good. The team will find a way. So I support them and cheer them on. I'm loyal as it gets and I'm never changing my colors.

BCI: Best of luck Mike, Eagles fans everywhere will be rooting for you!

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