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Sources: Brad Bates Has Begun Search For New Coach

When is Frank Spaziani going to be fired?


Frank Spaziani appears to be on his way out, and the news could be coming soon. As much as it pains me, I will give credit to Mark Blaudschun for this tidbit in his post game post:

Make no mistake, Bates is already well into the evaluating and search process. Last week he met off campus with a group of advisors to talk about plans for the future of BC football. He has put together a list of potential replacements for Spaziani, who still has three-years remaining on his contract.

I believe we all expected that Bates is in the process of searching for Spaz's replacement, but it is reassuring to know that the search is already underway. It is also calming to know that Spaz is indeed on his way out. At least this post confirms that Bates isn't in some fantasy world about the shape of this football program, and that he is grounded in reality. Blauds continues to talk about the coaching search, most of which is ripped off from Brian's post earlier this week.

The big take away from Blauds' is that BC is most likely looking for a coach with previous head coaching experience. You have to imagine that Bates is looking at Spaz's tenure as a basis of future hires, and needs to make a splash with someone that can restore faith in the BC Eagles.

Much has been made on our site about Notre Dame DC Bob Diaco, Pat Narduzzi, and Greg Roman as possible replacements, but if what Blauds says is right (big IF), then they must not be near the top of BC's list. Blauds also throws out a few names of options that would fit into Bates' ideals if they would listen including Dan Mullen of Mississippi State, Bill O'Brien of Penn State, James Franklin of Vanderbilt and Al Golden of Miami. Those three have to be huge reaches for BC, but if Bates is serious about restoring BC to pre-Spaz relevance, he might want to consider opening up the coffers to get one of these candidates.

The other group that BC may be looking towards are head coaches from a mid-major. If that is the case, BC may be looking towards guy like Dave Doeren of Northern Illinois, or possibly Mario Cristobal of FIU. Of course Blauds floats out his pals Tim Murphy and Mark Whipple, but I can't imagine that either of those guys as an acceptable candidate for a high level coaching job like Boston College.

What is clear in the end is that BC is ready to move on, which will hopefully restore faith in a program that is complete disarray. Brad Bates, a nation of Eagles fans turn their sad eyes to you. Make everything right again.