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Boston College Fan Wins Pizza For A Year During Halftime Free Throw Contest

During halftime of the BC-Dayton basketball game today I was selected to try and make 10 free throws in under a minute in order to win free Pizza Hut pizza for a year. After a hot start, I needed just about the entire minute to get the 10 shots in.

As has been stated on this blog before, all of us contributors are avid fans of Boston College athletics. Sometimes we may seem like members of the media but the beauty of writing for a blog, rather than some more traditional outlet, is that we never have to hide that we are fans first. Over the last few years, the lines between fan and member of the media has blurred at times for Brian, AJ, Conrad, Grant, Joe and myself, but for now we are fans of BC first and foremost.

With that said I attended the Boston College vs. Dayton basketball game today as a fan rather than as a member of the media. Shockingly, prior to tipoff, the nice young lady running the halftime free throw competition asked if I would like to participate and of course I said yes. So the contest was to make 10 free throws in 60 seconds or less and you would win free pizza for a year from Pizza Hut.

If you read the title of this article you already know I succeeded, but let's break it down. With about a minute left in the first half I was brought out of the stands and over to the tunnel that lead to BC's locker room. There I grabbed a basketball off the rack and shot a few times into the air just to work on my release and rotation since I had not shot a basketball since shooting around with some friends last March. When the half ended the BC players and coaches ran into the locker room past me not acknowledging that I existed largely because they don't care and they were down 11 to Dayton. So out on to the court we go and the girl running the contest was kind enough to let me shoot on the basket in front of the BC bench which is where the 50 or so BC fans in the building were mostly sitting.

So, the contest starts and I hit the first, miss the second, hit two, miss one, hit 4 in a row, which included a miraculous lucky unintended bank shot. So, I started off a cool 7 for 9 and less than half the allotted time had passed. But surprisingly to me at the time, not surprising considering I'm out of shape and don't play basketball anymore, fatigue set in after 9 shots in 25 seconds. Hitting the last 3 shots became much tougher as my shooting arm was getting tired and as the more shots I missed, the more nervous I got. But fortunately, I still had plenty of time to screw up for a while and still get the last three shots in. I hit the 10th shot with enough time left to get two more shots off had I missed. I finished 10 for 21 from the line. A terrible 48 percent but still not too bad for someone just picked out of the stands.

Does this count as BC winning something in the Charleston Classic today? Check out the video here if you have 60 seconds to spare.