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Boston College Daily Links: Army Loss Fallout

Boston College football has no answer for the Black Knights

Photos by Daniel Lee / Heights Editor

BC has no answer (
"We could have scored more points and that’s all you can say," said Rettig. "We can never score enough points. We have to to work. We are already motivated and we have to have a good week of practice. It’s good feeling to know somebody has your back."

Boston College football looking to recover from Army upset (The Boston Globe)
"It’s something that we’ve always preached since we’ve been here," Spaziani said. "You have to keep one eye on the past and look at what you did wrong, why you didn’t get it done, and make your best judgments and figure what you need to improve on to get it done and then move forward. You have to compartmentalize and then do it. That’s what all teams need to do and coaches, too. It’s not easy."

Second viewing thoughts and grade report: Army (Eagle in Atlanta)
The other blatant mismanagement was the running it three times after the fourth down stop. Then confusion regarding the punt and the delay of game! So we put our struggling punter in a deeper hole?! Our best player is Chase Rettig. What we do best is pass. Army is terrible against the pass. Why not try one pass on the last drive to get the first down?

Spaz stinks. Plain and simple. This was just the latest game where we lost to a team with less talent and where we screwed up possessions and didn't make any adjustments.

FOOTBALL: Time Running Out For Spaziani, BC (Heights Sports Blog)
"You can always do stuff to improve it," Spaziani said of the defense. "Looking on what has happened the past couple of weeks, I think we’ve been in the right places, but we just haven’t been able to execute. Now we’ve made mistakes, you’re going to make mistakes, but we just haven’t … there’s nobody erasing the mistakes and making some big plays. We made a couple over the last few weeks, but not enough. They did make a couple big plays down on the goal line at the end. We just have to get some more of them, and then we’ll be better off. You can always help them by calling and trying to understand better what they can do and what they can’t do."

Inexcusable loss to Army should be the final straw for Spaz (
But it was not just the incompetency of the opponent that was so demoralizing, it was the fashion in which they lost. It took the form of so many of BC’s losses during the Spaziani tenure. Holding a lead against an inferior opponent late in the game, Spaziani once again went conservative – running the ball three straight times, then punting back to Army before their eventual game-winning touchdown run.