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Would BC Ever Play A Non-Conference Conference Game? And The Big Finish

Boston College vs. Miami a non-conference conference game?

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Brian: As a result of the ACC's reverse course and change back to an eight-game conference schedule, all 14 programs are left to scramble to find a 12th opponent next season. Since the conference decided to keep the divisions and primary cross-division partners the same, that means that BC will play everyone else in the Coastal Division besides Virginia Tech once in six years (and once in 12 at home). Based on the scheduling crunch and the fact that non-permanent, cross-divisional rivals will come to campus so infrequently, Virginia Tech A.D. Jim Weaver hasn't ruled out the possibility of scheduling non-permanent, cross-divisional programs as non-conference games.

"Because people are going to need games," he said. "The closer to our institution, the better it would be. I wouldn't be opposed to playing Wake the next two years, home-and-home, if they want to play us."

While there aren't many non-permanent, cross-divisional programs that are all that close to Chestnut Hill, Weaver raises an interesting possibility. Do you think BC would ever consider scheduling Miami, Pittsburgh or another Coastal Division team in non-conference play? In general, do you like the idea of ACC teams facing other ACC teams in a "non-conference" game? Your thoughts?

Jeff: I like the idea that this is getting legitimate consideration and it should be some sort of plan B for a lot of ACC schools. For BC, because of geographics, it might not be as logical as it would be for Virginia Tech and Wake Forest to play a home and home.

Brian: This should only be used as a last resort. This is a terrible idea otherwise. For a conference that has struggled to establish its reputation nationally as a football conference, I don't see why the conference would willingly take on additional losses in non-conference play. Non-conference conference games is a zero sum game. One of these teams is going to lose, hurting the playoff resume of the team that loses. Maybe this makes sense if you are pairing Virginia Tech with Wake Forest or Florida State with Duke, but I fail to see how taking on extra non-conference losses is a good thing. For those teams with a realistic shot of making the conference championship game, there's also the possibility of the rematch later in the year.

I get that there will be difficulties in scheduling early on and it is unfortunate that BC loses series like BC-Miami and BC-Pittsburgh. But these non-conference conferences should ONLY be used if a team already has an FCS opponent lined up and every other FBS opponent has a full schedule. It might make some sense for an individual program, but this is a bad idea for the conference as a whole.

Big Finish

Brian: HD is picking Army to win this weekend, citing the fact that BC's lone win on the year is Maine. Sound logic?

Jeff: No, not really. BC's 3 losses have come to 2 ranked teams and a Miami team that will be ranked if they beat Notre Dame this weekend.

Jeff: Cardale Jones, backup QB at Ohio State, says classes are pointless on twitter yesterday. Would you say he's not what we would expect of a BC student-athlete?

Brian: I've been told we can't use the student-athlete term anymore ...

Brian: Former Boston College O-Linemen are calling on the current line to take over. You like this?

Jeff: Yes, I think they will.

Jeff: Eagle in Atlanta has BC winning by 28 tomorrow. If BC wins by 28 there is hope for __________________?

Brian: A 5-7 season.

Brian: Big game in Chicago this weekend between a former 2012 opponent (Miami) and an upcoming one (Notre Dame). Who ya got?

Jeff: I like Miami to at least cover. Notre Dame is not Kansas State.

Jeff: Which game featuring two of BC's remaining will you pay closer attention to tomorrow? Wake Forest vs. Maryland because both teams are beatable or Florida State vs. N.C. State?

Brian: Wake Forest vs. Maryland, though Grobe just suspended a bunch of his players for the game.

Brian: Last one. Will Boston College get their first 100-yard rushing performance of the season tomorrow at Army?

Jeff: Not likely. If they do it will be because of one or two long runs.

Pick 5

Brian: (2-3 last week, 13-12 overall):

Navy Midshipmen at Air Force Falcons (-8)
Boston College Eagles (-9.5) at Army Black Knights
Virginia Cavaliers at Duke Blue Devils (-1)
Virginia Tech Hokies (+5.5) at North Carolina Tar Heels
Miami Hurricanes vs. Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-13.5)

Jeff: (2-3 last week, 8-17 overall):

Miami Hurricanes (+13.5) at Notre Dame Fighting Irish
LSU Tigers (-2.5) at Florida Gators
Northwestern Wildcats (+3) at Penn St. Nittany Lions
Kansas Jayhawks at Kansas St. Wildcats (-25)
Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+7) at Maryland Terrapins

ATL: (0-1 last week, 1-4 overall):