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Boston College Football: Keys To Victory, Wake Forest


The mild glee of winning the first ACC game of the season is beginning to wane as the Eagles prepare for their battle against Wake Forest on Saturday in Winston-Salem. Frank Spaziani and Co. have a chance to win their second game in a row, but this weekend's match-up won't be as easy as facing a fourth string QB at home. How can the Eagles pull off the win. Here is what needs to happen for the Eagles to rack up win number three of the 2012 season.

Do not play cushion on Michael Campanaro

BC fans such as myself have screamed for Frank Spaziani to have his secondary to play more press and less of the seven-eight yard cushion that he insists on using. Campanaro is a different type of elite receiver that BC hasn't faced this year. He is not like Sammy Watkins or Nuke Hopkins who can stretch the field, he is more of the slot type of receiver with speed that makes defenders miss tackles. If BC plays off of him, and gives him just a little room, Campanaro is going to take a five yard catch and turn it in into a thirty yard scamper. Especially with the poor tackling we have seen from the Eagles. At all times BC needs to have a corner lined up on him, with a linebacker or safety for help to contain.

Push the pace on offense

As Eagle in Atlanta mentioned earlier this week, BC's offensive pace has slowed down drastically since the Miami game. Honestly I have no clue where this adjustment came from but based on prior Offensive Coordinators, I'm guessing this came from Spaz. They need to get back to the way the offense was, because as we saw in the final drive of the Maryland game, Chase Rettig is lethal when they move quickly. Wake's defense is no where the caliber of Maryland's, and rank 80th in the country. If BC can keep the pace up, and hit short and intermediate routes to Alex Amidon and Chris Pantale the Eagles should be able to put up points.

Make Tanner Price feel the pressure

Wake's front five have struggled this year (18.5 sacks allowed), and if BC wants to stop Tanner Price they are going to need to get in his face. This is not a week to play conservative, send blitzers, mix it up. Price is much more polished than Caleb Rowe, and as we saw last year he can pick apart the Eagles if left to his own devices.

Special teams need a good game

Do you think it's a coincidence that BC had a good game on special teams and won last weekend against the Terps? I don't think so. Spiffy Evans needs to have more games like he did on Saturday and less of the fumble, brain fart riddled games like the Eagles played against Army. Even though he probably isn't happy, I love that Spiffy can just focus on special teams right now, because it is clearly the strongest part of his game. Also Gerald Levano needs to be solid on punts. Not expecting him to be Ryan Quigley, but he can't have 25 yard shanks if the Eagles want to win.

Win the turnover battle

Chase Rettig has been stellar with ball control this year, making only a handful of bad passes on the season. Obviously I am pointing more towards running backs Andre Williams and David Dudeck and the importance of holding on to the ball. If Williams can average four yards a carry, with ZERO fumbles, I think the Eagles will have a chance. On the other hand, the defense needs to be opportunistic against Wake. It won't be easy though, Tanner Price hasn't thrown an interception in three games. But with the way BC has struggled to get off the field, they are going to need to do something to prevent another Georgia Tech.

Those are the five keys I believe will be crucial for the Eagles to win against the Demon Deacons. Leave your keys in the comments.