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Boston College Basketball Preview Questions: Will You Attend A Game This Year?

Now that we've talked a good deal about the upcoming season and the team, I want to hear more from the fans. What is your overall opinion? Will you be at Conte Forum to support the team?


Time for you guys to chime in. I'll be at pretty much every home game this year and probably watching film of every road game as well. Does this team deserve our support? Will you be there to give it?

The Question:

Will you personally attend a BC basketball game this year? If you don't necessarily care about BC Hoops as much as other BC sports, what would the team have to do to really make you pay attention?

The Answers:

AJ: Always do. Will again this season. Probably some of the non-ACC games during winter break when BC is doing anything possible to get fans in the gates. I like basketball alot, but I would religiously watch it if they could win some games they weren't supposed to win. A few upsets and I'll be glued to my tv for the winter.

Brian: It will be tough. If I can get up to Boston one of these weekends, there's a chance. I'd have to be able to purchase tickets ... / laughs uncontrollably. I like bouncey ball, but admittedly Boston College men's basketball is a clear #3 for me. Football is #1 and hockey is #2, but football is losing so much ground these days. Every day that Spaz is kept on as HC I lose interest just a bit more. I'm not sure the basketball team could do anything to really make me stand up and pay attention. I suppose something absurd like winning the ACC Tournament or the Charleston Classic would make me notice. Honestly though, basketball can do little to change my pecking order. It's the other programs that can do something (or not do something, like retain Spaz in 2013) that would really influence my BC sports depth chart.

Grant: In past years I would have laughed at this question. There's still no chance I'll be at a game this year but at least the team seems to be becoming more of a likable group. That was a big factor in me not going to many games while I was still a student. I am really exactly like Joe on this. I "care" in that if I see the game on TV, I'll want to turn it on. My wife usually gives me the same "I thought you hated basketball?" reaction, but my love of BC trumps my hatred for the sport. Like Joe said, if the team started winning some big games and was in the tournament discussion, I'd probably really start paying attention to how they are doing.

Joe: I would like to attend the game against Holy Cross, because I am mentally about 133 years old. I could also see myself wanting to go to the Providence game if our start is decent enough that we look like we would have a chance at winning.

Well, I have sort of a meandery answer to this question. I already pay attention. I follow the scores of each game and I read about the team, recruiting, etc. When I'm out at a bar during a game I'll ask them to put it on and will keep my eye on it. I just don't like basketball very much, so actually sitting down and watching a whole game doesn't happen very often.

That said, when we had that incredible team from 2004 to about 2007 with Dudley, Smith, Williams (sadface), Marshall et. al., I was glued and actually did watch most of every game - even back when I was in high school (my freshman year at BC was 2006-7). So I'd be lying if I said a top 25 team wouldn't have me much more riveted.

Jeff: Yes, at Duke likely. At Wake possibly. At NC State maybe. At Clemson likely. One or all of the Charleston Classic games definitely. I will watch as many games as possible regardless.

My take: I don't think I really need to answer this one. I'll be at every home game unless I have some enormous exam the next day -- but even then I'll likely be there. I'll do my best to get my friends to go to the games and I really *really* want other students to go. It's just pathetic looking at the seats during 90% of the games. It's really something that I can't fathom because I love basketball so much. I will, however, try to get to a handful of women's basketball games this year. I haven't been to any BC women's games and I feel like I should.

I'm more interested in your general thoughts about going to basketball games. What would it take for you to personally drive up to BC and catch a few games? I know we assume that once the team is winning again, the students will show up -- but I'm not so convinced. How good would they have to be to get kids to go? Top 25? Good for an entire season and then see the results in the stands the next year?

And lastly, what could Brad Bates do to try to pump up the popularity of the basketball program? It's not like basketball is an unpopular sport. What can they do to get more support?