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Boston College Football Wounded Warrior Helmets To Feature Player Numbers

A nice little touch. Boston College football's Wounded Warrior Project helmets will feature each players number on the lid.

An interesting twist when it comes to Boston College football's Wounded Warrior Project UA Freedom jerseys to be worn during tomorrow's game against Maryland. The Eagles' helmets will feature each player's number in red, featuring the same U.S. Flag pattern as on the jerseys.

I know I came out against the design of the UA Freedom jerseys, but this makes the helmet look just a little bit better. My biggest gripe with the team's triple-striped, stained glass helmets is that it just looks like there's something missing on the lid (you know, like a San Francisco 49ers logo). This addition makes the helmets look a little more complete, even if you still couldn't pick these helmets out of a college football lineup.

For those wondering about the auction, following Saturday's game, the players' jerseys will be auctioned off on with 100 percent of proceeds benefitting the Wounded Warrior Project. Gripes about the uniforms aside, I think we can all agree that WWP is a great cause. 'Merica!