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Boston College Football Depth Chart For Maryland Game

The depth chart is out for this weekend's matchup with the Maryland Terps.


Boston College is looking to put a stop to their five game losing streak Saturday against Maryland. As an added bonus the Eagles will be wearing their Wounded Warrior uniforms. Here is the first look at Frank Spaziani's fifth to last two deep.


  1. Chase Rettig - JR
  2. Josh Bordner - SO

Chase will try to get his season back on track this weekend against the Terrapins. I'm going to go on record and predict that he is going to have a big game. Hope I am right.


  1. Andre Williams - JR
  2. David Dudeck - FR

Andre Williams has done what BC has needed him to do, and out of the crew that is left he is obviously the starter. I am not enamored by Dudeck, he doesn't do anything that makes you go "Wow". He has nice hands out of the backfield, but isn't very quick, fast or powerful. I'll say it again, but where is Rolandan Finch? Really wish Spaz would get off his high horse and field the best team like he constantly claims he is doing.

Wide Receivers:

  1. Alex Amidon - JR
  2. Donte Elliott - SR
  1. Johnathan Coleman - JR
  2. Dan Crimmins - FR
  1. Spiffy Evans - SO OR Bobby Swigert - JR

Exactly the same as last week.

Tight End:

  1. Chris Pantale- SR
  2. C.J. Parsons- SO

Pantale showed a glimpse of what he can bring to the passing game last weekend against the Yellow Jackets. Obviously the difference in talent between 1 & 2 is huge.

Offensive Line

Left Tackle:

  1. Emmett Cleary - SR
  2. Dan Lembke - R-FR

Left Guard:

  1. Bobby Vardaro - SO
  2. Victor Nelson - R-FR
  1. Andy Gallik - SO
  2. Paul Gaughan - R-FR

Right Guard:

  1. Ian White - JR
  2. Seth Betancourt - SO

Right Tackle:

  1. John Wetzel - SR
  2. Aaron Kramer - SO

No changes on the offensive line this week. They had a decent game last weekend, hopefully they can continue to improve this weekend against the Terps.


  1. Mike Naples - JR
  2. Jarrett Darmstatter - SO OR Brian Miller - FR

Jake Sinkovec is out again, as he has been battling a nagging injury all year. Mike Naples will get the nod for the first time this season as a starter.

Defensive Ends:

  1. Kasim Edebali - SR
  2. Malachi Moore - FR
  1. Kieran Borcich - FR
  2. Andre Lawrence -JR

Edabli has the intangibles but just the rest of the unit, he hasn't gotten much pressure on the QB and struggled against the run.

Left Tackle

  1. Connor Wujciak - SO
  2. Max Ricci - JR

Right Tackle

  1. Dominic Appiah- SO
  2. Jayrd Rudolph- JR

No Kaleb Ramsey, no Dillon Quinn. Ugh.


  1. Steele Divitto - JR
  2. Tim Joy - FR


  1. Nick Clancy - SR
  2. Sean Duggan- SO


  1. Kevin Pierre-Louis - JR
  2. Steven Daniels - FR

Nick Clancy struggled mightily last week, and was swallowed up against the pass. I really hope Steven Daniels gets to see the field more this week. Might be the most talented LB out there.

Field Corner:

  1. Manuel Asprilla - SO
  2. Bryce Jones - FR

Back Corner:

  1. Sean Sylvia - SO
  2. Ameer Richardson - FR

Same as last week.

Strong Safety:

  1. Jim Noel - SR
  2. Spenser Rositano - SO

Free Safety:

  1. Justin Simmons - FR
  2. C.J. Jones - SO

Simmons gets the nod this week over Jones. After getting torched through the air by a triple option defense, it will be interesting to see how this unit holds up against Maryland's third string QB.

Punt Returner:

  1. Spiffy Evans - FR
  2. Bobby Swigert - JR

Please don't get Swigert reinjured on special teams. Please.

Kick Returner:

  1. Spiffy Evans - SO
  2. Bryce Jones- FR

Bryce Jones takes over for McCaffrey on the kick returns.


  1. Nate Freese - JR
  2. Alex Howell - R-FR


  1. Gerald Levano - SR
  2. Alex Howell - R-FR


  1. Sean Flaherty - SR
  2. Dave Shinskie - SR


  1. Gerald Levano - SR
  2. Josh Bordner - SO

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