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Georgia Tech 37, Boston College 17: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

In what has become a difficult to complete weekly recap, we look at the good, bad and awful parts of yesterday's loss to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets.


When BC Interruption first created this weekly recap post idea, I thought that I would never have a difficult, if not impossible, job of finding positives in the past week's contest. But here we are -- the second week in a row -- where it appears there is very little to take out out of the game that could be considered a positive. But for the sake of Boston College, the alma mater I love, I will try my darndest.

The Good

The Blocked Field Goal By Connor Wujciak -- Boston College's defense started off just as many had predicted. They allowed huge gains, but miraculously stopped the Yellow Jackets on 3rd down in the Red Zone. On the field goal attempt, the 6'4 Wujciak got his big mitts up and blocked the field goal, temporarily giving delusional fans like myself the illusion that BC still had a chance at this game. Side note: Stat heads out there, when was the last BC blocked field goal (I know Jolunn Dunbarr blocked an XP in 2006)

Chris Pantale Returned -- And looked to be himself, making a nice touchdown catch in the endzone--though it would have been nice to see him hall in that first half pass from Chase Rettig that he dropped in the endzone. BC hasn't had much play from the tight ends--mostly because the offensive line has been such a mess--so it was sort of refreshing to see Pantale making plays again.

Georgia Tech's Attendance -- Yet more ammo to defend ourselves against those southern schools that like to yak about BC's attendance woes. The stadium had huge spots of empty seats.

The Bad

The Defense -- Oh defense, it's like beating a dead horse when talking about your performance. However, today you get moved up from Ugly to Bad, because at points you showed a little life. As Brian pointed out yesterday, BC had Georgia Tech on a whole slew of 3rd and longs, and without fail the Eagles failed to stop them. The most comical one was in the second quarter when BC had GT on a 3rd and 11, and backup Vad Lee ran untouched for a 24 yard touchdown pass.

Freese's FG Streak Ends -- We at BCI love #Freeze4Groza, who was a perfect 9 for 9 going into yesterday's game. So you can imagine our horror when Spaz had him line up to kick a 52 yard field goal to end the 2nd quarter. Freese has never been known for his leg, he's an accurate kicker, but down by 25, Spaz sends him out anyways to try the long one. He failed, streak over, and Spaz's magic touch continues to turn filets into bull poop.

Wide Receiver Drops -- Chase Rettig has been a warrior this year, getting beat up week after week and watching his team fall flat repeatedly. But he hasn't given up, and for that I love the guy. But for the love of all things holy, can a wide receiver please help the dude out and stop dropping half the passes he throws. My suggestion? Give Colin Larmond Jr. a try. Oh wait.

The Ugly

The Running Game Or Lack There Of -- Georgia Tech is not an elite rush defense, they just fired their defensive coordinator Al Groh--but the way BC played on Saturday you would have never been able to tell. BC ran the ball 16 for 32 yards, which is a complete joke. Andre Williams was fine, running the ball 11 times for 51 yards, but his fumble in the third quarter sealed the win for the Yellow Jackets. We should have listened to those Ohio State folks when they warned us about Jim Bollman, he has turned a bad running game/offensive line in 2011 to a disaster in 2012.

Ameer Richardson's Roughing The Punter -- Look I am not going to blame the loss on one kid's play. However Richardson's play was systematic of a much bigger problem that is going on with the Eagles. Not only are they losing, but they appear completely undisciplined, and continue to make careless mistakes. Richardson ran into the punter only moments after BC had made a huge stop, down by 14 that could have brought the Eagles back into the game. Just another symptom of another much bigger problem.

Chase Rettig punt sequence -- As BC's second drive came to a stall, Spaz appeared to be going for it at his own 43 yard line. GT called a time out, lined up Rettig in the shotgun, and then proceeded to punt it away. Okay, I am not a college coach, but a few things. One, why didn't he try lining up Rettig after the timeout, try to draw Georgia Tech offsides, if that fails then call timeout? BC did go to the locker room with two time outs if my memory serves me. And secondly, what did that play accomplish? Nothing. That's what.