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SB Nation BlogPoll Ballot, Week 6: Stanford Drops, PAC-12 Rises

Stanford drops, but the rest of the PAC-12 rises.

Otto Greule Jr - Getty Images

Here is our week 6 BlogPoll ballot. Not much change this week.

Stanford is the big mover this week, dropping 10. Oklahoma State, Boise State, Iowa State and Ohio are replaced by Oregon State (#19), Louisiana Tech (#23), UCLA (#24) and Washington (#25) on this week's ballot.

By conference: PAC-12 (6), Big 12 (5), SEC (5), Big Ten (3), ACC (2), Big East (2), Independent (1), WAC (1).

Teams encouraging the most disagreement between ballots include Louisiana Tech (7.78), Stanford (7.07), USC (6.36) and Oregon State (5.66). Can't get a read on those Western (Athletic) teams. East coast bias, I guess.

Maybe next week: Mississippi State, Boise State, Michigan, Cincinnati

Final ballot is due Wednesday morning. Thoughts / input welcome.