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Boston College WR Colin Larmond Jr. Suspended For Violation Of Team Rules

Boston College Eagles senior wideout Colin Larmond Jr. has been suspended for a violation of team rules, according to Eagles head coach Frank Spaziani.


Senior Boston College wide receiver Colin Larmond Jr. has been suspended for a violation of team rules, first reported by The Heights and later confirmed by the program's official Twitter account.

Supposedly the decision from coach Frank Spaziani came down on Monday, which would explain Larmond Jr.'s mysterious absence from the Boston College two-deep. He travelled with the team to Florida State but was disciplined after the game.

Larmond Jr. was the Eagles' leading receiver in 2011, starting in 11 out of 12 games and catching 34 balls for 568 yards and 3 TDs. Through six games this season, the senior had one reception for just 8 yards in the loss to Army, leading many to speculate on whether Larmond Jr. was healthy enough to play this season. This suspension seems to answer the question as to whether CLJ was healthy enough to play.

When asked whether Larmond Jr.'s suspension was indefinite, Spaz told The Heights that "nothing is definite." Nothing is definite, but everything is finite -- as in the number of games in a college football player's career and the tenure of a college football head coach's time on the Heights.