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Boston College Daily Links: Midseason Report Card

Spoiler alert: F?

Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Midseason report: Boston College (ESPN ACC Blog)
The season has not exactly gotten off the way the Eagles wanted, and now the heat on coach Frank Spaziani's seat is rising. Boston College has zero wins against FBS competition this season and is one of two teams winless in ACC play. New athletic director Brad Bates will have plenty to ponder this offseason.

Boston College football’s next foe, Georgia Tech, just as unsettled (
"There’s a psychological game going on," Spaziani said. "I think all year our kids have worked hard, been enthusiastic. Saturday night was no different, albeit we made mistakes and we did some dumb things and we need to be more enthusiastic and work harder. We played 60 minutes. The guys didn’t give up."

ACC power rankings: Week 8 (ESPN College Football Nation Blog)
One guess where BC ranks this week.

Opinion: Raise your voice; bring on the school spirit! (BC Gavel)
I commend the fans that stick by their teams over the years. I understand the fair-weather fans who abandon their team until the next NFL comeback. But I believe that supporting your alma mater is very different. How could you not want your school to do well? It’s very discouraging for the players to look up to the stands and see people filing out of the stadium. They know that the odds of that many people being intoxicated enough to all be buying the hotdogs sold every game are pretty low.

I've seen the future of BC start times and it is 11 AM kickoffs (Eagle in Atlanta)
Great for TV, awful for tailgating.

Boston College at Georgia Tech: BC Offense vs. GT Defense (Soaring To Glory)
Soaring To Glory breaks down the matchup between the BC offense and the Georgia Tech defense.