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Boston College Football: State Of Program Leaves Fans Feeling Apathetic

Two featured FanPosts on the state of the Boston College football program.

Stacy Revere - Getty Images

In the aftermath of Boston College's embarrassing 51-7 loss to Florida State last night, two members of the community wrote some really great FanPosts I wanted to highlight on the front page. First, DRubes12, a lifelong Boston College football fan, writes that his love for the Eagles is now gone.

That feeling is gone. My gut feeling is that I love Boston College and I love the program. But the current state is so bad that I want to quit. I don't want to go to the games anymore, and I don't want to associate with it. It has nothing to do with losses; I can deal with that. It's the way BC loses. They're not a program anymore. They're a whipping boy, a disgrace, and an afterthought. They mock their fans with the way they parade around as if they're a good team. And they're led by someone who can't inspire anybody to feel anything other than apathy and sadness.

CoachJF is here to remind us that we should never blame the players for the mess of a football program that the current leadership has wrought.


As a coach or administrator, you control the entire operation. In the case of GDF, he enabled Spaz by naming him head coach and then let it get to the point where we are today. He could have gone a different direction initially or fired Spaz when it was clear the situation wasn't going to rectify itself. So blame GDF, but don't blame the kids.

To members of the Boston College community, keep making your voice heard. Consider writing a FanPost by using the link below the cover. Hopefully Dr. Bates will get the message and make a move sooner rather than later. Keeping Spaz on through the end of the season serves no legitimate purpose and is only doing further harm to the players, fans and program.

Go Eagles!