Never Blame The Kids

For obvious reasons there has been a lot of negativity on the site over the past few years and as the level of frustration continues to rise, the rhetoric gets stronger and nastier. But through it all, I am very, very proud that the people who frequent and post to this site have not turned on the players in this program.

I have coached for a quarter of a century at levels from junior high all the way up to Division 1 college and the one thing I learned through it all is that YOU NEVER BLAME THE KIDS. It may sound coach-altruistic, but it is so true.

I took a small shot at Sean Sylvia the other day for his inability to handle the Army WR blocking and if it was even in the least bit construed as a blaming Sean for the performance, I apologize, because YOU NEVER BLAME THE KIDS.


As a coach or administrator, you control the entire operation. In the case of GDF, he enabled Spaz by naming him head coach and then let it get to the point where we are today. He could have gone a different direction initially or fired Spaz when it was clear the situation wasn't going to rectify itself. So blame GDF, but don't blame the kids.

Spaz is obvious. He has recruited kids willing to bleed Maroon and Gold and who do that on a weekly basis for this football program and university. Unfortunately, too many of those players are just in over their head at this level, either that or the coaching staff simply isn't coaching them up to the level they need to be at to compete. That of course is a debatable subject and one I am sure many will weigh in on...but in either case...don't blame the kids. It is not up to them to determine that they aren't talented enough to play at this level..that's up to a coaching staff to evaluate.

As far as who you put on the field, you should all be incredibly proud that you as contributors to BCI have not attacked Chase Rettig. Name me the last time that a QB on a 1-5 football team did not come under the gun for his performance with everyone calling for his head and his job. BRAVO BC NATION!!! You see the reality of the situation. Rettig is clearly one of the few players with upper end ACC level talent and under the most adverse of situations has accounted himself fabulously. While unfortunately, it is likely that he never gets any real acclaim because of what is going on around him, he should be remembered almost as martyr in BC football lore. The kid is a winner.

That brings us back to Spaz..and why you never blame the kids. Spaz controls who he puts out there. Notice he pulled Duece Finch over fumbles, so he is capable of it.

If you don't like the way a player is producing, sit him. If you don't like it, coach him better. If you can't coach him better, then recruit better and if they can't recruit or coach better or motivate better...Fire the Coach! But never...EVER...BLAME THE KIDS!