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Boston College Football: Senior Attrition

Where'd the senior class go?

Eric Hartline-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Not seeing WR Colin Larmond Jr. or LB Nick Clancy on this week's two-deep got me thinking about the senior class. Where, exactly, did they all go?

Per this week's game notes, there are a total of 16 roster players listed as seniors, or 15.7 percent of the total roster. LB Nick Clancy, OT Emmett Cleary, WR Donte Elliott, LS Sean Flaherty, RB Mike Javorski, WR Joe LaCorte Jr, WR Colin Larmond Jr, P Gerald Levano, QB Mike Marscovetra, DT Bryan Murray, DB Jim Noel, TE Chris Pantale, DT Dillon Quinn, DT Kaleb Ramsey, QB Dave Shinskie, OT John Wetzel

Of those 16 players, only half of them crack this week's two-deep roster: OT Emmett Cleary, OT John Wetzel, WR Donte Elliott, DT Bryan Murray, DB Jim Noel, P Gerald Levano, LS Sean Flaherty, QB Dave Shinskie (as backup LS).

And of the eight players who made it onto this week's two-deep, only five are listed as starters for their position: OT Emmett Cleary, OT John Wetzel, DB Jim Noel, P Gerald Levano, LS Sean Flaherty.

That's two offensive linemen, defensive back Jim Noel, the punter and the long snapper. Could this team be suffering from a lack of senior leadership?

Injuries happen. Roster attrition happens. But when you are rocking a 31.3 percent conversion rate of seniors to two-deep starters, this raises a red flag. Are all these guys hurt? Where are guys like Clancy, Ramsey and Larmond Jr.?

To answer my own question as to where the senior class went ... Temple, Marshall, UConn, Kansas State, Toledo?, Towson, Carolina Panthers, undrafted NFL Draft underclassman, getting on with life.