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Frank Spaziani On New Athletic Director, Coaching Hot Seat Talk

Spaz talks about the relationship between head coach and athletic director.

Bob DeChiara-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

As part of Wednesday's Atlantic Coast Conference media teleconference, Boston College head coach Frank Spaziani addressed what's gone wrong this season, the hire of new Athletic Director Brad Bates, Florida State and injury updates. Of particular interest were his comments on Bates and his coaching hot seat.

Q. Just wondered if you'd had any chance to meet up with your new athletic director here in the last 24 hours since he arrived on campus.

FRANK SPAZIANI: Yeah, we did. We spent some time together yesterday.

Q. And how did that meeting go?

FRANK SPAZIANI: It went fine.

Q. From your perspective, I wonder what is the relationship like these days between an athletic director and a football coach? Has it changed here in the last five, ten years, or maybe you can explain it a little bit for us.

FRANK SPAZIANI: The relationship between your boss and an employee?

Q. Yeah.

FRANK SPAZIANI: It has to be a‑‑ that's the relationship to start out, and then it has to be a working relationship. You have to be a team. In order for a lot of things to happen in a football program, it has to go from the top all the way down to the bottom level in your program.

That's the relationship, and once again, everybody has to be on the same page because there's not much of a margin for error in any program going anywhere.

I don't think that's‑‑ I don't know if I'm the right person to be asking that question to, but I don't think that's changed. I think that's in any successful organization, yours included. You have a boss, right?

Q. Absolutely. I was asking because of the high pressure now it seems like on football coaches maybe compared to 10, 15 years ago to win immediately and the pressure ADs may feel to get things done in one or two years. That's kind of what I was asking.

FRANK SPAZIANI: Okay, well, that's a little different question then, right?

Q. Right, but it also goes to the relationship between the AD and the football coach.

FRANK SPAZIANI: I think what has changed, what has changed along that, is there's a lot more finances involved, and obviously that changes the dynamics of the‑‑ but the relationship still has to be the same, but there's immediate financial consequences that maybe weren't there 10, 15, 5 years ago, whatever.

Transcript via ASAP Sports.