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College Football Coaching Hot Seat: Frank Spaziani's Job Safe For Rest Of Season

"Just like any sport, you will assess it at the end of the year," Bates said. "You'll look at a body of work rather than than the emotional roller coaster of every week."


Embattled Boston College football coach Frank Spaziani wasn't present at yesterday's Brad Bates press conference, leading many to speculate on the coach's immediate future in light of the new hire. But for those wanting to see heads roll ASAP, you'll likely end up being disappointed. At least for the next seven weeks.

"Just like any sport, we will assess it at the end of the year," Bates said. "We will look at the body of work rather than the emotional roller coaster every week.

"Quite honestly, I've been an outsider looking in. There are a lot of data and statistical numbers and research that you can do about it, but until you really immerse yourself in the program, you don't really know what's going on."

Make no mistake: if Bates hadn't just been installed as Athletic Director yesterday, an assessment of Spaz's coaching record would likely lead to a midseason dismissal. Suffering a humiliating 34-31 loss to previously winless Army, in a game you were thoroughly dominated, surrendering the highest total yardage of any Division I-A opponent in Army football history (going back to, oh, 1890) seems more than a week in, week out emotional roller coaster.

Even the term "emotional roller coaster" implies that there have been any "highs" to go along with the "lows" this season. The highs are, what again? The second and third quarters of BC's game against FCS Maine?

But given the unique timing of Gene DeFilippo's retirement announcement and the Bates hire, Spaz's job seems secure at least through season's end. One couldn't realistically expect Bates to fire Spaz before the end of the season given the timing of his appointment. Still, with games remaining against Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame and N.C. State, the program could be staring at the worst season since Jack Bicknell Sr.'s 2-9 campaign in 1989. Possibly even worse.

And then, on or around November 26, the long road to recovery begins. However, should things go about as well as we expect them to go during the rest of the season, not sure how much emotion will be left to power that fan roller coaster.