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Frank Spaziani Explains Absence Of Rolandan Finch

Finch missed Saturday's game due to his poor play and other issues, but could he be the key to fixing the putrid running attack?

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Rolandan Finch started off the season with uninspiring play, culminating in a game changing fumble against Northwestern in Week 3. To the astonishment of many he was completely left off the depth chart for this past Saturday's loss against Clemson.

Coach Frank Spaziani explained the absence of his once star running back:

"Deuce has had some performance issues and then he’s got some other things that were clouding his picture," said Spaziani. "He’s working his way through it, and that’s where he’s at. He’s on the team practicing and we’re putting the best guys out there that we feel give us the best chance to win. That’s the best way to characterize it.

Color me skeptical but this sounds like Finch is in the Frank Spaziani doghouse right now. Obviously we don't know what these "other things" are that are affecting his performance, but hopefully it will be something that Finch will resolve soon. It doesn't seem like something that Spaz should be saying to the media, but confidentiality has never been one of his strong suit.

Will Finch work his way off the bench? Boston College is 120th in the nation in rushing offense, averaging a paltry 84 yards a game (and just 53.3 YPG against FBS programs). The fumbles were a killer but from what we've seen, Finch is the best running back on the roster. But with an offensive line that can't hold their blocks, it wouldn't matter if Derrick Knight was there because you aren't going to gain many yards when defenders are in the backfield before the handoff. Jim Bollman still has a lot of work to do to fix this running game, which went from one of the best in the ACC to one of the worst in the country in the span of a few seasons.