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Boston College To Install AstroTurf At Alumni Stadium

It's a slow offseason, so when BC announces a new field turf, we at BC Interruption feel obliged to report about it. BC Athletics announced today that they will be installing a new AstroTurf at Alumni Stadium. There are supposedly a lot of great advantages to this turf -- the turf allows for all-year play, baseball can now use Alumni Stadium and most importantly it's cheaper. BC says the new pimpin' AstroTurf will be ready for the 2012 season.

Coach Flip explained that this was not an easy search and one that took a lot of thought:

"We went through an exhaustive search to find the best field available for our needs," BC Director of Athletics Gene DeFilippo said. "We were impressed with what AstroTurf had to offer and they stood out as the logical choice."

So the same AD that couldn't bother doing a national search for a football coach, managed to do one for field turf? Ladies and gentlemen, your Boston College Athletics Director.

Now why should we care about this? After all it's only fake grass ... it can't fix our offense or blocking deficiencies, can it? Our favorite head coach has the answer:

"The AstroTurf field will allow us to better prepare for games, which translates to better performance," said Head Coach Frank Spaziani. "It's also important to recruiting, in that first-class facilities play a large role in recruiting success. We believe the turf will help us bring the best student-athletes to Boston College."

Now I am not one to pick a fight with Spaz over every little point, but does he really think the type of turf BC plays on dictates what recruits they can pull in? Personally I think recruits probably look more at BC's losing record, a coach who can't win and a stadium only filled 60 percent with apathetic fans who have lost faith in their program. But what do I know?

Also turf is what helps you prepare for a game? That seems a bit of a stretch. Hallelujah! We finally have an answer to our game preparation prayers, ASTROTURF!

Look out Virginia Tech and Clemson, here we come!!