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Luke Kuechly Declares For NFL Draft

News flew quickly this evening.

Around 6 PM there were rumblings that Boston College linebacker Luke Kuechly would be announcing his decision during a teleconference at seven. Finally we got that answer, first reported by the GDF propaganda machine -- Kuechly will be following his dream in the NFL.

"It's just a great opportunity to do something that I've always wanted to do. The opportunity is the biggest thing."

And really, can you blame Kuechly?

This decision was the only one that made real sense if he thought logically about his future. He won every award a defensive player can win, is the top rated LB in the 2012 NFL Draft and is likely guaranteed millions of dollars.

According to the SB Nation Blog Mocking the Draft, Kuechly could make an impact on a team immediately.

"To say Kuechly's instincts are NFL-ready is an understatement. He is the kind of player who will get drafted and plugged into the starting lineup in his first game."

Plus there doesn't seem to be much for him to come back to at BC. The Eagles may improve next year on their 4-8 record next season, but is going 6-6 worth risking an NFL career and millions of dollars? Certainly not. I can't imagine anyone giving up that future for another year of Frank Spaziani. At some point Kuechly used his brain, thought logically, made the right decision and there is nothing wrong with that.

We as Eagles' fans should feel nothing but pride for the contributions Kuechly made, and the future ahead of him. He came out of nowhere, recruited by literally no one, and kept the Eagles' as a dominant defense even through the illness to Mark Herzlich. While at the Heights he shattered all defensive records, was one of the most dominant defenders in NCAA history and gave his all even in the darkest of days.

Though our selfish sides wanted to see one more year of Kuechly, we all know deep inside that this is the right move for him. Don't be sad, or depressed, hold your head high and wish Luke Kuechly the best. Whatever NFL team is fortunate to get him is going to get a true professional and stellar linebacker.

From all of us at BC Interruption: Go get 'em Luke.