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Boston College Vs. North Carolina: Single-Game ACC Record Watch

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Now that we have all got the taste of Rhody failure out of our mouths, it's time to take a look at our schedule and look at the Eagles final non-conference game against another fluff Massachusetts team. Wait, they are done playing teams like Bryant, Stony Brook and New Hampshire?

Who do the Eagles play first in ACC play? North Carolina?!!!! Oh dear god.

Buckle up folks. This is going to be a rough ride on Saturday against the Tar Heels. During Monday's game against URI, the talk of Twitter centered around how much BC was going to lose against UNC. 10, 20, 30 ... all brought up as options. And while most concluded that 30+ was the most likely option, there is something else to consider going into the game. Could some ACC records fall as well? Let's look at some possibilities.

Field Goals Made In A Game: 68 (N.C. State vs. Buffalo 1974)

Probably one of the least likely to fall, because that is 116 points on just field goals alone. BC's defense is bad and the thoughts of John Henson and Harrison Barnes running the floor gives me nightmares. But I can't imagine they will be able to knock this record down.

Rebound Margin: 49 (N.C. State vs. South Carolina, 1956)
Fewest Rebounds: 9 (North Carolina against Duke, 1966)

Did you all watch the Rhode Island game? BC couldn't rebound against a team that was just terrible. Then again if UNC scores at will, they probably won't need to make many rebounds. Henson and Tyler Zeller are going to eat Dennis Clifford for lunch.

Steals: 11 (Kenny Dennard, Maryland 1979)

BC has drastically improved their turnover margin over the past few weeks. But that was against teams like URI and Sacred Heart. North Carolina is a whole different animal, one that will destroy weaker opponents. If BC's offense plays their "pass, pass, pass, take a bad shot with little time left on the shot clock" offense, the Heels will pick off a lot of those passes.

Points Scored: 58 (Danny Ferry, 1988)

Harrison Barnes could break this record. No, seriously. He could. Barnes is much faster than anyone on this team right now, and if BC plays sloppy ball Barnes could go HAM.

Blocked Shots: 13 (Sean Williams, Boston College vs Duquesne 2006)

BC has exactly one ACC record, and wouldn't it just eat at you if this fell as well? Now I hate Sean Williams for leaving BC and costing us 2007, but this is our one record. Please don't take that away from us. Please?

So there you have it. Now I'm not a "BC Hater," but its hard to imagine a team starting five freshmen will have any luck against the top team in the ACC and one of the favorites to win the title. No matter how they do this Saturday, I'll still be watching the game on ESPN3.

Please BC, prove me wrong.