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Luke Kuechly Has Made His Decision ... Not

Guess no news is good news right? Mark Blaudschun, the propoganda minister of the GDF regime, has got the low down on this bit of non-news.

"Frank Spaziani had the scene played out in his head. Halftime of a BC basketball game and the Boston College football coach would come out to midcourt at Conte Forum and make an announcement.

"I'd like to congratuate Luke Kuechly and...."welcome him back''' to Boston Colllege.

"That,'' said Spaziani, "would be a home run.''

But that hasn't happened.

Kuechly probably would want to announce his decision to the media and not the 4,000 school kids that attend an Eagles basketball game. Can you imagine Luke Kuechly telling a half empty Conte Forum the biggest news in recent BC football history? Jeez. Even in his daydreams Spaz is lame.

You have to wonder what Sir Luke is contemplating at this point. On the one hand he has to be thinking about the swimming pool of cash he would be making by leaving Boston College. Yet, on the other hand, he could finish his storied career at BC as one of the most decorated linebackers in college football history. He strikes me as a man with integrity and loyalty to his program and you have to think that is weighing heavy on his mind. He seems to care tremendously about his education, his friends and teammates.

Then again that is an AWFUL lot of money. He could probably buy a lot of new friends if he needed to.

But the most important factor that may be impacting his decision may be his injury and pending Tommy John surgery. NFL scouts have been drooling over Kuechly, but perhaps there is some hesitation to take him high due to his injury. If he is unable to compete in the NFL Combine or work out for teams, could it be possible that NFL teams might get nervous and therefore his draft stock might fall?

He still has a decision to make, and it has to come soon, as underclassmen have to declare by January 15th. Luke, stay at BC, pretty please?