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Boston College Hockey Vs. Northeastern At Fenway Moved To 4pm

My first reaction to the news that BC vs. Northeastern is being moved up 2 hours to 4pm was "Ooh, ooh, is NESN going to cover the game now??"

Unfortunately, the answer to that is still no, but those BC hockey fans with a love of Gronk and Welka should be sending Fenway Sports Group a nice "thank you" card:

"The 2 hour time change was made to accommodate both hockey fans and Patriots fans after yesterday's announcement from the NFL that the Patriots will host a Divisional Playoff game at 8:00 p.m. on January 14 at Gillette Stadium."

This isn't the first time New England sports teams have shuffled around game times to allow everyone to see the championship-caliber Boston team of the hour. Just this spring, the Red Sox moved game times more than once to ensure that fans could see the Bruins as well. Classy stuff.

No word yet on whether the Blackhawks will be moving their game time to accommodate me and Mrs. Salzano14 on January 15th should our Giants be playing the Packers during our trip to Chicago.