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Former Boston College Basketball Star Troy Bell Finds Career In R&B Music

Like those NCAA commercials, most Boston College basketball players end up going pro in something other than sports. With degrees in education, business or something in A&S, players may get jobs that deserve press, but don't get it.

Did you know that Nate Doornekamp is involved with education in Canada?
Or that John Oates is a successful businessman?

Didn't think so.

However, enter Troy Bell, former Boston College basketball superstar. Bell who graduated in 2003, finished his career at the Heights with over 2,000 points and had a brief career in the NBA. When that didn't pan out, Bell headed overseas to play ball in Europe and even flirted with a career in boxing.

Bell is now 31 and his career in basketball is over. Bell has completely changed directions and has decided to pursue a career in music. Following in the steps of singers like Trey Songz and Usher, Bell has chosen to sing R&B. The below video is his first video "Right Now," which is definitely a song for the ladies. If you ever thought to yourself "I wonder what Troy Bell looks like half naked" or "How would Troy Bell undress a woman," then this is the video for you.

Video after the jump. NSFW.

Bell's career in music is still in its infancy. His music video only has 11k hits, but he already has a collection of music to build upon. If you want, make sure you check out his tracks "Low Key Sexy," "Skin Tight" or "Crying For You" (which has nothing to do with the 2011-12 BC Basketball team).

Certainly not my style of music, but then again I'm not very hip.

Hat tip -- Searching For Billy Edelin