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Boston College Football Recruiting Update: January 27

It's less than a week until National Signing Day and Boston College football continues to struggle to get commitments.

If you came here to look for good news regarding BC recruiting, there actually may be some, as opportunity has basically fallen on Frank Spaziani's lap. Rutgers who lost their head coach Greg Schiano to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is about to also take a huge blow to their recruiting class as well.

High School coaches in New Jersey have made it pretty clear that their players are open to exploring other schools. Don Bosco Prep Head Coach Greg Toal take on this makes it pretty clear that kids are going to start looking elsewhere:

"They’re young men, they have to make a decision," Toal said. "Things have changed. If Rutgers is smart they calm the waters right away and make a decision who their guy is. They have to do it before signing day. I would think they have to do it pretty quick because there’s too much riding on it."

There are a ton of quality recruits that Rutgers with pre-exisitng BC offers including:

WR Leonte Carroo
TE Mike Giacone
OL Ryan Brodie

... just to name a few.

It's going to be crucial that the Eagles try and get at least one of these Rutgers recruits, because BC has continued to lose key targeted recruits and not just to FBS schools.

Get a load of which school the Eagles' lost TE recruit Jameson McShea to:

"Boston College hasn't had much luck with in-state recruits from the Class of 2012, and another local player slipped off the hook Wednesday when Boston College High tight end Jameson McShea committed to Harvard."

Harvard beat us to a recruit. I hope to all things holy that this kid is valuing getting a diploma from Harvard more than football or Boston College's program is in worse shape than we thought. So a week after losing Sam Grant, Spaz loses a 2 star to Harvard. This is just too absurd.

“I spent a lot of time with Coach Murphy and not much time with Spaz [BC head coach Frank Spaziani],” McShea said. “That's basically what it came down to."

And it just continues to get worse.

Matt Johns, a 3 star quarterback who played at Matt Ryan's high school has decided to play for the Virginia Cavaliers. What helped make his decision? According to Johns, the coaching staff was a big factor in his decision.

"When I went to Boston College I was like, ‘this is it,’" Johns said. "My parents said, ‘let’s go visit Virginia.’ We actually went down and spent a day with the coaches and got to talk with them and then I had a little sit down with Coach [Mike] London. After that point, there was no No. 2 school."

Yesterday, BC lost a recruit to Mike London and Harvard, and it appears that both have to do with Frank Spaziani not doing his job. Both recruits claim that coaching visits by the other school was the main reason and it appears that Spaz wasn't accessible at all. What is he doing?

Not a good day at all, but again all of this can be turned around if Frank Spaziani and his recruiting staff can go and scoop up some of those Rutgers castaways. Anyone have any faith that he can lock any of those kids up and save BC's offseason?

Hopefully he has his phone turned on this time.