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Former Boston College Goalie Cory Schneider Tells Tim Thomas To "Suck It Up"

On Monday, the Boston Bruins traveled to the White House which has always been a tradition for the Stanley Cup Champions. However, the Bruins traveled down a man. All Star goaltender Tim Thomas, who is a Tea Party follower, decided that he didn't want to meet the president and skipped the trip. Kind of classless and petty, but whatever.

But a Boston College alumni and current Vancouver Canucks goalie Cory Schneider thought it was unacceptable and a poor move by Thomas:

"I have no problem with his personal beliefs, but [Thomas] can suck it up for an hour, say, 'hi,' and be with the team, and avoid all of this," Schneider told The Province.

Oh damn, no he didn't!

How dare he say that to "Timmayyy!" (said in the most obnoxious Boston accent ever)

"Respect the [presidency]," Schneider said. "He plays for Team USA and he has no problem making millions of dollars in the USA, but he can't go say 'hi' to the President? You get a lot of benefits living in the U.S. and he should have a little bit of respect for that.

I know lots of Boston fans hate the Canucks, and probably could care less what Schneider said, but I love it. Thomas may be infallible to Bruins fans, but it's hard to not see this move as petty, and a stupid unnecessary moment to make a political statement. You don't have to like Barack Obama to be there. Treat it as a team moment, and get over your political views, fake a few smiles take a couple of pictures and move on.

And, yes, Tim Thomas has a Stanley Cup ring. But then again Cory Schneider was a stellar goalie for the Eagles, and for a BC fan isn't that all that matters? Wouldn't it be great to see Ben Smith call out Sidney Crosby next? Now that would be awesome!