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Boston College Football Recruiting Update: Sam Grant Officially Decommits

Earlier this week Brian laid out the current state of Boston College football recruitment. We all winced when one of BC's top recruits Akeel Lynch decommitted to go after offers from other schools. Well today, grab your gut again, because another one of BC's top recruits is officially a goner.

According to Justin Rowland of

Not much of a surprise here, as the internet has been abuzz that Grant was a goner for a while now, but still stings none the less.

BC's recruiting class is in absolute shambles. BC currently has 13 recruits that are solid right now (not counting Hood), but what strikes me is the quality of recruit Spaz seems to be attracting. Of those recruits, two of them received offers from schools at the bottom of the BCS barrel (UConn & Vanderbilt), and only five recruits have received offers from quality BCS schools. BC is not only getting smoked on the recruiting front, but they are also failing to bring in talent that can be competitive at the BCS level.

And to be fair, Spaz is trying. Look at all the offers that he thrown out there. He has over a dozen four star recruits that have offers in hand, but the pathetic truth of it all is that BC can't close out on any of these guys. The Eagles' are stuck at a 13 recruits right now, and there doesn't seem to be much talk of any other guys switching over to BC anytime soon.

Could this be the worst BC recruiting class in recent memory? It certainly looks like it. Frank Spaziani and BC Athletics not only have this team in no position to win next season, but are setting up years of mediocrity for this program. Come on BC, we deserve better than this.