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2012 Blogpoll: Ridiculously Early Preseason Ballot

This year they are asking us to put together preseason BlogPoll ballots at various points throughout the preseason. Here is our first one. As you can see from the crazy deltas from our final season-ending BlogPoll ballot, insanity reigns. And because it's mid-January, we can say things like "I think both Texas and Florida State will be Top 10 programs in 2012" or "I think three of the best five teams in the country come from the SEC West" and get away with it.

This is nothing more than throwing darts at the wall at this point. And yes, I expect Alabama to take a step back next year but we are only two weeks removed from the Crimson Tide's National Championship. Shouldn't they get to enjoy it for at least a month?

For those keeping track at home, there are four 2012 Boston College opponents in our Top 25 -- #8 Florida State, #19 Virginia Tech, #22 Clemson and #24 Georgia Tech. N.C. State and Notre Dame also received votes.

Leave your thoughts on the ridiculously early preseason Top 25 below.