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Boston College Responds To Steve Lively's Criticisms

That didn't take long, now did it? Here is the full response, via ATL.

Steve Lively's letter regarding Athletic Director Gene DeFilippo is perplexing and unfortunate, and filled with irresponsible and baseless claims. It has caused a number of people, including several of Steve's former football teammates, to express concern for him and his judgment.

Under Gene's leadership, the BC Athletics program has remained true to its traditions and the pursuit of excellence. Boston College has one of the highest student-athlete graduation rates in the country, its athletics facilities have been upgraded significantly, and its athletes have succeeded on the field and in service to the wider community.

Gene DeFilippo has the confidence, respect and support of countless members of the Boston College community, including University President Fr. William Leahy, as well as colleagues in intercollegiate athletics throughout the United States.

Jack Dunn, University Spokesman

Lively and other vocal and influential alumni may very well continue to challenge BC's Director of Athletics, but it's clear that DeFilippo is fully entrenched and has the backing of both Leahy and the Board of Trustees.

Best course of action? Vote with your wallets. Continue to donate to the school (as alumni giving affects the various national university rankings, and indirectly, the value of your degree), or stop donating entirely. Either way, I would make a concerted effort to designate those funds to something other than the Flynn Fund, and let the school know why you aren't donating to BC Athletics.