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Chase Rettig Tweets Out Hints About Next Year's Offense?

Take this news with a grain of salt, but Chase Rettig tweeted this out to his teammate Colin Larmond Jr. over the weekend.

There has been a lot of talk about what style of offense Doug Martin would be bringing to Boston College. Would we be treated to a new system like the West Coast Offense or the Spread? Or Could we just expect more of the same? Well according to Mr. Rettig it appears that Martin might be changing things up a little.

Fast and uptempo sounds like the complete opposite of Spazball, and I believe we heard this exact same thing last year with Kevin Rogers (Please respect his privacy). So color me a little skeptical. Martin may come in here with the grandest of ideas, but it will only take one meeting or physical altercation with Spaz for that to change. I can see it already, first game of the season, Rettig throws for 350 yards, which for some reason irritates Spaz who immediately goes to running the ball 50 times in the second game.

I respect our receivers but they don't seem like the type that will be able to go up and down the field. They are undersized and any physical defense will just toss them around at the line of scrimmage. In order for this type of offense to work they need some physical receivers, as we saw this year Bobby Swigert and Alex Amidon won't be able to stretch the field. Yes I am looking at you Jonathan Coleman.

Whatever the truth is about the style of offense BC will be putting on the field in 2012, it is satisfying to see that their quarterback is on board with the new OC's gameplan. Spaz already has a million excuses at his disposal for 2012, and the last thing BC needs is it's starting quarterback transferring.