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BC Interruption's Bowl Pick 'Em Concludes. A New Fantasy Overlord Is Crowned

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Bowl season is finally completed. Over a month later, and the Bowl Pick 'Em Challenge is finally finished as well. In one of the largest fantasy challenges in the illustrious history of BC Interruption, "Tebow's Before Ho Ho Ho's" was far and away the winner. Scoring a whopping 570 points, they finished in 60th overall out of over 400,000 entries. If LSU actually won the BCS National Championship, TBHHH might have won the entire contest and $2,000 grand prize that ESPN offered Let's look at some of his/her stats:

  • Only one pick wrong in confidence ratings from 32-10
  • Seven wrong total, pretty impressive for a bunch of crap shoot exhibition games
  • Beat Brian by 80 points, Conrad by 116 and A.J Black by 140

Very, very impressive. Job well done. Please take a bow in the comments. You are a god among men....well at least in terms of picking college football games.

Below is the remainder of the top 10 in our group:

1 Tebows Before Ho Ho Ho's, kaymart4 570 100.0
2 Momah of Truth, LoneGranger33 553 99.9
3 jwoods999 1, jwoods999 551 99.9
4 "80 Percent Attendance", demarcoe 525 99.3
5 Ghost of Shakim Phillips, greenzero8 516 98.7
6 HAHA BSU & KSU, datdogg 508 97.9
7 @NCstatefootball, Evwolfpack 495 95.8
8 GossettStatePenitentiary, griffwong 493 95.3
9 #WeareBC #YouareNot, bfavat21 491 94.8
10 DeFilippo's Disciples, 5gk5gk 490 94.6

How about the BCI writers? Well, we didn't do all that bad. The big winner as seen above is Big Bad Brian Favat who finished 9th overall in our group at 94.8%. Conrad finished 2nd out of the writers, finishing strong at 82.6%, A.J Black dropped like a rock at 63.8% and Grant finished in 106th out of 139 entries. Don't rip on him though, hockey is his passion.

A few interesting thoughts:

* My wife probably beat most of you. Her entry "Middle Schmiddle" ended up in 21st place, in the 90.9%. To give her credit she knows a lot about college football, but for all of you out were beat by a girl.

* If you really want to feel bad about yourself, my buddy BernieLikeBoSchembechler finished in 33rd place. Mind you he self professes that he "never watches college football" and "knows nothing about the teams". And he beat most of us, he literally is the office secretary that wins the March Madness pool each year. . Hang your head in shame.

* Why did I pick Clemson?

Anyways, a hardy congratulations to all. Loved all the creative and crude team names, and the game itself made a BC-less bowl season that much enjoyable. See you all for March Madness.