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Early Season Surprises In The ACC And The Big Finish

Brian: I wouldn't exactly call BC's 59-57 win over Clemson a huge surprise, though the young Eagles did turn some heads on Thursday night. After all, the Tigers were only a 8.5 point favorite on the road in BC's home opener. But after reviewing the early season results in the ACC, and taking into account the fact that Clemson was coming off a 20-point victory over Florida State, is BC's win over Clemson the biggest surprise of the year thus far in the ACC?

Every ACC program has now played two games. Here are the early season results in conference play:

#3 Duke 81, Georgia Tech 74
Wake Forest 58, Virginia Tech 55
#4 North Carolina 83, Boston College 60
Clemson 79, Florida State 59
#23 Virginia, Miami 51
N.C. State 79, Maryland 74

Florida State 63, Virginia Tech 59
#3 North Carolina 73, Miami 56
Maryland 70, Wake Forest 64
Georgia Tech 82, N.C. State 71
Boston College 59, Clemson 57
#6 Duke 61, #17 Virginia 58

Thoughts on the ACC's early results? Is BC's victory over Clemson the early surprise of the season?

Jeff: The only true surprises of the ACC season this year will be either Carolina or Duke losing to someone other than each other. Duke and UNC are so much better than the rest of the league that those would be the only real shockers.

BC's victory Thursday night was a nice surprise for Eagle fans but probably not a surprise for Clemson fans. Clemson had already had its share of suspect losses that Tiger fans can't expect to beat anyone this season. Also, Clemson has Duke at home on Sunday so it was a trap game for the road team.

The real surprise of the season so far was Clemson winning at Florida State by 20. Most people thought FSU was the third best ACC team entering the season. Since then, FSU has lost to two Ivy League teams but has shown signs of being very good including winning at Virginia Tech after the Clemson loss and taking UConn to overtime. Today FSU plays UNC and is only a 6.5 point underdog, so Vegas expects UNC-FSU to be competitive.

How in the world did the Seminoles lose to Clemson by 20 at home? Maybe by the end of the season that result will make more sense but for now, Clemson's 20 point road victory is the biggest surprise of the season.

Big Finish

Brian: Max Holloway is testing the NFL Draft waters and forgoing his final year of eligibility. Does he get drafted? Go UDFA? Or fail to make an NFL roster entirely?

Jeff: I imagine he will fail to make a roster entirely.

Jeff: Frozen Fenway vs. Northeastern. Who ya got? What's the final? How much is attendance down from the initial Frozen Fenway between BC and BU?

Brian: I'm somewhat optimistic the team bounces back from last night's 4-0 debacle at UMass. Attendance will be significantly down. Maybe as much as 10k off the Fenway sellout in 2010.

Brian: Both Maryland and Clemson have ditched their defensive coordinators in the last few days. Good news for BC?

Jeff: I think you do find that when change in college football comes via a firing, the team takes at least a slight step back more often than not.

Jeff: The two teams with the biggest BC presence face off again this weekend in the playoffs. B.J. Raji is getting some air time with his new State Farm commercial and we know the Giants' BC connections. Will the Giants pull off the upset?

Brian: My heart says Giants in an upset victory, shades of 2007. My head says Packers by a TD.

Brian: The NCAA prez supports a four-team playoff in college football so long as the field doesn't grow. Do you?

Jeff: Best solution is an 8 team playoff of conference champions from the highest 8 BCS-ranked conferences.

Jeff: Sunday I'll be at the Duke-Clemson game. Any chance I don't see a blowout?

Brian: I was wrong about Duke-Virginia, so sure, there's a chance you can see a competitive game.

Brian: Last one. The Eagles look to build on their first ACC win of the season as they host Virginia Tech today at 3 PM. Do the Eagles record their first ACC winning streak of the year today?

Jeff: It is a possibility, but not a likelihood. I like BC getting the 9.5 points.