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Boston College Football 2012: Offseason Storylines, Offense Edition

Monday wrapped up the 2011 College Football season, and wouldn't you know it only took us until Wednesday to already start looking ahead. Earlier today, Brian looked at the schedule and pondered the difficulty of BC's upcoming season. Now we should take an early look at some of the storylines and questions that most likely will be headlines about the Eagles' offense during the offseason.

How does Spaz ration out the carries?

Having depth is never a bad thing, and BC will have a gluttony of running backs coming into 2012. All three backs have had monster games during their times at BC so it will be interesting to see how Spaz decides to rotate them in. Will the carries be dictated by the situation, or will Spaz rely heavily on Montel Harris? It would be easy to get excited about Montel Harris, Rolandan Finch and Andre Williams but each has shown reason to be cautious in our optimism. Finch has a tendency to cough up the ball too often, Williams struggles to bounce off tacklers and Harris has the knee. But if all three are effective, they could be a dangerous weapon for a team that loves to rely on the run.

What offense will Doug Martin bring to the table?

Everywhere you look writers use have linked Doug Martin and the "spread offense." But do we honestly think he is going to come here and make this offense do a complete 180? I doubt it. A more common sense style for Martin to bring to BC would be a hybrid West Coast Offense with a run game along with it. Also change hasn't been something Spaz has been all that open to since coming aboard as Head Coach. Is there still a possibility that Doug Martin could just be brought in to continue the legacy of the "run-run-pass-punt" snoozefest that we have all become accustomed to?

Will Chase Rettig Finally Turn The Corner?

I will be the first to admit I thought Rettig was going to have a monster year. After watching him during scrimmages, he looked like a whole different quarterback and his monster game against Northwestern made me downright giddy. But Rettig seriously regressed for the remainder of the season, never looking completely comfortable and struggling to make even some simple throws. He is now going on his fourth offensive coordinator at BC and that can lead to either one of two things -- he could become a completely lost cause or Doug Martin could finally be the OC that keys into Rettig's strengths and makes him an effective QB. This could be a make or break year for Rettig. Youth is no longer an excuse. He needs to execute.

Will The Offensive Line Return To Form Under Bollman's Tutelage?

If you are a BC fan, you have to remember how bad their offensive line was in 2011. They were terrible protecting against both the pass and the run, and much of the blame was put on Offensive Line Coach Sean Devine. Players looked confused, they flat out missed assignments, and Devine failed to keep a consistent starting five throughout the season. Thankfully Devine has been reassigned, and Bollman (who Ohio State fans detest) is taking over the job of repairing this once proud line. There is little turnover on the O-Line, with only Nathan Richman who was completely ineffective, and Mark Spinney graduating. Youth is no longer an excuse, and with a new coordinator here, can BC once again return to their reputation of Offensive Line U?

What Recruits Will Spaz Bring In For 2012?

Over the last few years, Spaz has been able to plug in quite a few holes on offense with recruits. Last year we saw Spiffy Evans step up as a kick returner and wide out, and a whole slew of offensive linemen fill gaps that were left by graduation and injuries. This offseason hasn't been all that kind to the Eagles. BC scored two recruits in Sam Grant and Akeel Lynch that both figured to be major impact players, but it appears that both are heading to other schools. BC has added depth at offensive line so far, with Win Homer and Frank Taylor both being solid recruits that could immediately fill in. But BC has yet to score a solid commitment from a skill position player this year. Could there be a QB, WR or RB coming in?