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College Basketball RPI Update, January 9

Tracking this not because the Eagles have any shot at the NCAA Tournament (they don't), but more to gauge when Boston College may breakthrough with a win in conference play. Yeah, I know. I shouldn't be judging this year's program based on wins and losses. Still, I don't want BC to become the first ACC program to finish a season 0-16.

Here's the NCAA's updated RPI standings as of Monday.

No. 2 Duke
No. 15 North Carolina

No. 39 Virginia
No. 40 Virginia Tech
No. 44 N.C. State
No. 60 Miami

No. 87 Florida State
No. 89 Wake Forest

No. 102 Maryland
No. 154 Georgia Tech
No. 164 Clemson

No. 254 Boston College

Clemson's the biggest mover from last week's RPI rankings, jumping up 55 spots to #164. Wake Forest (+20), Virginia (+14) and Boston College (+12) all had double digit gains this week, while Florida State (-15) and Miami (-14) dropped this week.

Gunning for you, Clemson and Georgia Tech!