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Boston College Basketball Club Trillion Watch: Kilcullen And Cain Carney Climb The Leaderboard

You wouldn't think that after suffering a 23-point loss to No. 3/4 North Carolina on Saturday that many Boston College players would get a chance at logging a Club Trillion entry. But, alas, you would be wrong.

Here's what happened in the North Carolina game. Boxscore is here.

Jordan Daniels logged six minutes yesterday, finishing with a board, a foul and no Club Trillion points.

Eddie Odio played four minutes, went 0-for-2 from the floor and collected an offensive rebound. Hence, no points.

However, both Ryan Kilcullen and John Cain Carney played just one minute and had nothing to show for it. Both players climb to the top of the BC Club Trillion standings for a three-way tie with Danny Rubin.

Updated standings are below:

2 -- Danny Rubin (Penn State, Stony Brook)
2 -- Ryan Kilcullen (UMass, North Carolina)
2 -- John Cain Carney (Bryant, North Carolina)
1 -- Salah Abdo (Boston U.)
1 -- Peter Rehnquist (Bryant)
1 -- Eddie Odio (Sacred Heart)