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Boston College Basketball Club Trillion Watch: Odio Gaining on Danny Rubin

The last time we caught up on the Boston College chapter of Club Trillion, Danny Rubin had taken a 1-game lead as the Trill-est member of the Eagles men's basketball team.

Here are your current standings heading into the Harvard game:

2 -- Danny Rubin (Penn State, Stony Brook)
1 -- Ryan Kilcullen (UMass)
1 -- Salah Abdo (Boston University)
1 -- Peter Rehnquist (Bryant)
1 -- John Cain Carney (Bryant)
1 -- Eddie Odio (Sacred Heart)

In the Harvard game, no Eagles player logged just one minute of work in the losing effort. Danny Rubin was set to extend his Club Trillion lead to two games, but he was on the court for a second minute and managed to pull down a defensive rebound. No dice.

But as BCPhilly13 pointed out last time, we mustn't forget the prestige associated with a multi-trillion game. Logging multiple minutes in a game without doing anything is just as, if not more, impressive than logging just one minute.

Eddie Odio actually logged a multi-trillion game in the loss to Harvard, playing 3 minutes and keeping a clean sheet on the box score. I went back over the box scores from the first third of the season, trying to confirm whether this was the first multi-trillion game for an Eagle this season.

Turns out this is a bit old hat, as four other Eagles have joined the local chapter of Club Multi-Trillion. Here are your updated standings.

Player 1 Trillion 2 Trillion 3 Trillion Trillions Games
Danny Rubin 2 1 5 Penn State, Stony Brook, New Mexico
Eddie Odio 1 1 4 Sacred Heart, Harvard
Peter Rehnquist 1 1 3 UMass, Bryant
Salah Abdo 1 1 3 Boston U., Bryant
Jordan Daniels 1 2 New Mexico
Ryan Kilcullen 1 1 UMass
John Cain Carney 1 1 Bryant

Factoring in BC's five multi-trillion games, Danny Rubin extends his lead to five trillion, with Odio trailing closely behind with four trillion. Congratulations to Danny, and here's to hoping that a few BC players add to their trillion count in garbage time in a winning effort over Rhode Island.