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SB Nation BlogPoll Ballot, Week 11: Oregon Jumps Kansas State For #2

Oregon jumps Kansas State, Notre Dame and Ohio State remain constant. Alabama-Oregon is this week's BCS National Championship Game matchup.


Here is our week 11 BlogPoll ballot.

Not many moves this week. USC is the biggest mover, down 7 spots for the Trojans' shootout loss with Oregon. The flipside is that Oregon jumps Kansas State for BCI's spot in the BCS National Championship Game.

Northwestern is up 4 spots this week, while Oregon State, Louisville and Louisiana Tech are up three spots. Boise State, West Virginia, Oklahoma State and Mississippi State are replaced by UCLA, TCU, Toledo and Utah State this week (though Toledo's stay in our BlogPoll ballot will likely be short-lived after the Rockets dropped a game to Ball State last night).

By conference: SEC (6), PAC-12 (5), Big 12 (4), Big Ten (3), ACC (2), WAC (2), Independent (1), MAC (1), Big East (1)

Maybe next week: Boise State, West Virginia, Ohio, Oklahoma State and Cincinnati

Thoughts / comments welcome.