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SB Nation BlogPoll Ballot, Week 12: A New #1, Naturally

We have a new #1 this week. Naturally.

Thearon W. Henderson

Here is our week 12 BlogPoll ballot.

Moving Notre Dame down one spot this week is going to sound like sour grapes, but color me not impressed with the Irish. As Phil Steele points out, Notre Dame, coming off a subpar performance at home vs. Pittsburgh, only finished with a 21-20 edge in first downs and a 393-300 edge in total yardage vs. a bad BC team. Notre Dame holds onto a top 5 spot this week by virtue of its 10-0 record, but Jeff and I both agree the Irish are squarely behind Oregon, K-State and Alabama.

Also, to all Notre Dame fans, please stop whining about the BCS formula, Manti Te'o's (overrated) Heisman Trophy campaign, Big 12 strength of schedule or how Oregon's offense is as good as Notre Dame's defense. No one cares. Yet. Go out and smoke Wake Forest and beat USC and then we'll talk (though I maintain that a one-loss Alabama team will end up jumping Notre Dame when either the Tide wins the SEC, Notre Dame loses to USC or both. Perhaps you should re-think this whole partial conference membership and no conference championship game thing after all).

Other big movers: Texas A&M up six, Oregon State down six and Louisiana Tech up four. Louisville, Northwestern, TCU and Toledo are replaced by Boise State, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin and Mississippi State. #MACtion really shot itself in the foot last week.

By conference: SEC (7), PAC-12 (5), Big 12 (4), Big Ten (3), ACC (2), WAC (2), Independent (1), Mountain West (1)

Maybe next week: Texas Tech, Michigan, Northwestern, Louisville, TCU, Rutgers

Thoughts / comments welcome.