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Frank Spaziani Week Two Press Conference Transcript

Here's Wednesday's Spaz press conference, via ASAP sports.

COACH SPAZIANI: Thank you. Well, week two find us on the road for the first time this year in a hostile environment obviously down in Orlando against, on top of that, a very good football team, very well coached, and is coming off a spectacular year and a big win in their opening game.

So, we will have our hands full. Any questions, start them out.

Q. Any update on Montel and also what you're going to do at wide receiver now that Momah is out?

COACH SPAZIANI: Well, Montel is making progress, as I've said for about the third time. But this is the third time he's making progress. He did some more yesterday, and he had pads on and we expect him to do a little bit more today and it's a day by day thing. That's where we are at with that.

Obviously losing Momah is a big blow to us for a lot of reasons. You know, obviously his production and his ability is going to be missed. But certainly his leadership, we don't have many seniors around that have played, and he was one of them. So we'll miss that aspect of it. And what we have done is we have taken Curtric Evans, Spiffy, if you will, and moved him into the mix. I don't know exactly where he'll be, but Johnathan Coleman will be taking his spot on the field.

So, you know, we just got younger and that's how we are going to deal with it.

Q. Also, Luke turned in a Luke Kuechly game again. Do you reach the point where you just expect him to be around 15 to 20 tackles a game and interception and causing fumbles and selling programs and so on?

COACH SPAZIANI: Well, you know, I hate to say it but yes, you know, I mean, we don't take it for granted, believe me. It's just, you know, athletic ability and dependability are big things, and a lot of times dependability is more important. And you can depend on him to show up and do what Luke does.
So, you know, we've got that going for us.

Q. And as strange as it might sound, are there little things that he could improve on, do maybe just a little bit better that you see through a coach's eyes? 

COACH SPAZIANI: Oh, yeah. That's not really strange. I think all the great ones -- I mean, if you asked Luke, he would have a laundry list. Absolutely, there are some things. But once again, we are striving for perfection and that's what he's striving for. But there are things he could do better.

Q. Where do you want to see the most improvement from week one to week two? 

COACH SPAZIANI: Where do I want or where do I see?

Q. Is there a certain area you look for, to say, I would like to have improvement here?

COACH SPAZIANI: Most obvious is defensively, we have to play better defensively, and we have to, you know, do some things to get ourselves into position to help the offense out. And then you know we would like to get ourselves a little bit more clean on offense. There's a lot of areas that we can clean up on over there. 

So, you know, we are a work-in-progress in a lot of areas and you know, we are open like every team between game one and two to make tremendous strides.

Q. Is your pass defense the big emphasis this week or anything in particular?

COACH SPAZIANI: They are just a very good football team all around. And offensively, they have tremendous skill, they have tremendous size. They have, you know, a quarterback in Godfrey that's mobile and does a lot of things that we were hurt with last week and we can be hurt with again. There's not one area. They have got it all. That's a good football team.

Q. What can you tell me about Coleman and what his strengths are and how confident you are in him?

COACH SPAZIANI: We love Johnathan. He's a big, athletic receiver, he can run, he can catch. He was sort of a developmental kid when we first got him because of his background, which I don't need to go into here and those things. But he's got the athletic talent. We would have hoped that he would have broke through last year, but he's made tremendous strides this preseason, and really has improved. 

Once again, you know, one man's misfortunes is another man's opportunity. So we expect Johnathan to go in there and perform like his God-given talents.

Q. Divitto is a guy who appears to have come on pretty strong here. How explain how he and Luke sort of feed off each other and how they work in tandem? 

COACH SPAZIANI: Well, we had to four-seed him last year as a true freshman and he played a little bit and now we have given him a bigger responsibility in a crucial position for us, really. And you know he's a work-in-progress over there. But he's got -- he's got tools, he's got the attitude. You know, we can depend on him to be there working hard and certainly having Luke inside of him helps. 

So you know, he's making progress but he's nowhere near what we need to have done out there and I'm sure Steele will be the first to say it.

Q. Seeing what Andre Williams did in the first game, how does that change the mind-set of bringing Montel back and how see them in the backfield this year?

COACH SPAZIANI: That's always a possibility, both of them the same in the backfield and that is in our playbook. But until we can get them both healthy, you know, that's a back burner. 

But you know, we want Montel back as soon as possible, because of who Montel is and how he plays. Although we are happy with Andre, we want him to keep performing up to the level that he is. We would like Montel back, soon.