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Has BC's Offensive Line Game Of Musical Chairs Finally Stopped?

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One of the biggest problems with BC's offense last weekend was the weak play by the offensive line. Andre Williams had trouble finding space and the Northwestern front was all over Chase Rettig. Many fans -- myself included -- have clamored for Spaz to stop tinkering with the line, and keep it consistent.

It seems that Spaz may have listened:

"After Nate Richman, who had battled a back injury through camp, demonstrated that he could stay healthy by playing half the plays at left tackle last Saturday, the senior captain is moving back to his more familiar spot at left guard. Mark Spinney, who'd been moved to left guard, is heading back to center and will take over for redshirt freshman Andy Gallick while John Wetzel will remain at left tackle...."

That is great news as everyone is back in the slots they belong. Moving offensive linemen haphazardly around obviously can have a detrimental effect on the play of the unit as a whole. Moving Richman back to guard and Spinney to center was a smart move by Spaz. This is going to be huge going into a game against a team like UCF who has a very solid defense. I still worry that the unit as a whole won't have enough time to click and feel comfortable together.

Will a settled offensive line lead to an improved running game? That is a question that remains to be seen. But finally the injuries have cleared up front and Spinney and Richman will be set and ready to go at the positions they should play.